Monday, December 17, 2012


I've been doing a pretty good job of documenting with photos my December eats throughout the work days - but other than that - December is going downhill pretty fast for me. I haven't been tracking my calories in My Fitness Pal and the scale is showing it with a little upward movement. I haven't even been doing my ChaLean Extreme dvds or hitting the gym during lunchtime as often as I should. Work has been terribly busy and I find myself working through it sometimes which isn't good and then by the time I get home I'm too wiped out to think about an evening workout and then can't wake myself up early enough in the morning to get one in either. Ugh! I did look up some 2013 5Ks and I'm going to restart the Couch to 5K running plan this week.

Top Left - greek yogurt w/ granola
Upper Right  - Tis the season - Big tin of popcorn came to the office for the holidays and I helped myself to 2 little cup fulls
Bottom Left - Lunch - Black bean burger, string cheese and baby zucchini
Bottom Right - Snack - YUM!
From upper left - Breakfast,  morning snack, afternoon snack (which helped me resist the cupcakes that had been brought in to work by a co-worker), lunch
Just a little preparation for my hubby's birthday party
Birthday party shenanigans!
Work day meals and snacks
Another day of workday meals and snacks
Last food pic for this post.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cleaning out the refrigerator - and not in a good way

Today's eats at work:
Breakfast - oatmeal and a pear
Snack - string cheese (wrapper shown) and 100 cal pack almonds
Lunch - Morningstar Farms black bean burger and mixed veggies
Snack - 4 Hersheys Kisses
Last night after work I finally got my nails done - they were way too long!

When I got home it was still pretty early and since Jamie was still at work I put on my workout clothes and did the ChaLean Extreme Push Circuit 3 dvd. I was proud of myself for really pushing myself and even using the 20 lb weights for a couple of exercises. I am definitely getting stronger. The disappointing part is that this dvd stresses lifting heavy and slow with less reps - so I barely burned 100 calories. What's even more disappointing is that after the workout I totally raided the refrigerator and ate practically all of the leftovers that were in there :-(  I think I may not have eaten enough before 8:30pm when I actually ate dinner - and this is what happened. Next time I need to plan a better afternoon/early evening snack when I'm going to work out so late.
Top left - leftover pizza slice
Top right - yay - a veggie!
Bottom right - leftover wings with the squash
Bottom left - leftover lo mein and sweet and sour chicken

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yesterday morning I was too sleepy to get up early and do my ChaLean Extreme dvd because I had stayed up til midnight the previous night watching the Monday Night Football Game. I really wish those MNF games would start earlier! The Redskins were playing the Giants and it was one of those games that was so close up until the final seconds that I couldn't even go to bed at half-time or the 3rd quarter because it was so good.
Because I woke up so late I didn't pack my breakfast or lunch to bring to work since I was rushing. I ended up ordering breakfast from across the street for the first and last time. It was was awful! I ordered a veggie egg white omelet (for $6)!!! It actually ended up being more potatoes than egg whites. I swear it seemed like there was only actually one egg white in there - and it wasn't even that tasty. I ate a couple of bites of potato because I was still hungry and then remembered I had a Chobani greek yogurt in the work refrigerator so I ate that. What a waste of $6!

Left - the breakfast I ordered
Right - I separated out the potatoes from the egg white omelet
Bottom - Yum - my favorite Chobani!

I walked to Subway at lunchtime. The sub was okay - nothing to write home about. I got was the 6 inch ham (no cheese), piled with veggies and the deli mustard (no mayo). I did break down and have a bag of Sun Chips too because I was starving - it was after 2pm.

Left - Subway lunch
Right - Look at all those veggies!!
Bottom - Afternoon snack (kisses); Early evening snack (Popchips while tackling to-do list); Dinner (marinated tilapia, a little bit of Stove Top Stuffing - hey - it's quick!, and some veggies)

After work Jamie got stuck in awful traffic coming home so I did a little of my to-do list around the house and then got ready to surprise him with a little, quiet, romantic evening when he got home. So - no workout for me for the whole day - unscheduled rest day...

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Weekend wrap-up

Friday morning I had to bring my daughter to the orthodontist after we dropped my son at school. We had about an hour to burn before the appointment so we went to Starbucks. We had what I hope was a good heart-to-heart. See - she doesn't like to fly and doesn't want to have to get on an airplane at Christmas when we fly out to see my family. She was in tears as we were talking and I really hope I was able to ease some of her fears.
My "baby" girl
Because I got into work a little later I didn't take a lunch so I didn't do a lunchtime workout.  I did wake up and do a ChaLean Extreme workout though and I photographed all my food for the day again
Breakfast - greek yogurt, pear, turkey bacon
AM Snack - light string cheese
Lunch - Picked up a salad
Afternoon snack - 4 Hersheys Kisses
Dinner - Pasta salad my daughter made (while I waited for pizza delivery); wings and pizza
Evening snack - 2 leftover pieces of Halloween candy

Saturday was Jamie'sWork Christmas Party up in Delaware so I had my best friend (besides my husband) come over to stay with the kids. It was a buffet dinner and I made some pretty good food choices. I may have had one or two more drinks than I would have liked though.

Sunday morning I had to wake up early and get back to the kids. I spent most of the day in the recliner helping with homework and watching football ad trying to organize my December. It's going to be a busy month!

I was completely worn out from Saturday night! Jamie was in even worse shape than me when he got home from work. After I dropped the kids at their dad's house we watched a few minutes of tv and barely ate a dinner before we went up to our room and crashed out around 9!

The sleep did my body good.  I was able to get up Monday morning and kill it with the ChaLean Extreme Burn Intervals dvd! I did not do a lunchtime workout though because I'm trying to be smart about my knees and not overdo the cardio. I didn't take a picture of any of my food which was a mistake for the evening - I ended up overeating but I did track the rest of the day's food in My Fitness Pal and I was on track until dinner time.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Easing back into it

My work outs have made a reappearance. It's the eating I struggle with.

Breakfast (top left) - turkey bacon, string cheese, chobani greek yogurt
Mid morning snack (top right) - 100 cal pack chocolate almods, kiwi
Lunch (lower left) - Jimmy Johns veggie sub
Pre-dinner snack - 1 serving Popchips
Dinner (lower right) - turkey burger on snadwich thin, sweet potato fries
Wednesday morning I resumed my ChaLean Extreme dvd and moved onto the "Push" rotation. This rotation is where you use heavier weights and lift slower for lower reps. I'm happy with my progress.  I was able to use one of Jamie's 20 lb weights for one of the exercises! I also went to the gym Wednesday during lunch and walked random hills on the treadmill. At one point I was up to 4.5 mph WALKING!! Unfortunately I hadn't packed a lunch to eat at work after my workout so I just had a greek yogurt & a piece of fruit. By the time I got home I was starving and are everything in my line of sight.

I also figured out that those lil bottles of Skinny Margarita aren't such a "skinny deal". The bottle is 200 ml and the nutrition info lists a serving size as 1.5 oz. So after you do the converting and math involved - EACH little bottle of "Skinny" Margarita is about 186 calories.  Yep - I drank 3...

Thursday was a really busy day at work so I ate my lunch at my desk while I worked and it was also a rest day for ChaLean Extreme so I didn't get in any workout at all. My arms definitely felt the previous day's workout though!

I left work a little late which always gets the night off to a late start. So I actually went through McDonald's drive-thru for the kids' dinner. I waited till I got home & threw a turkey burger on the Foreman grill and heated up sweet potato fries for myself. I haven't logged my food yet for yesterday in My Fitness Pal but I'm sure it was over. 1200 calories is an impossible number for me to stick with which is why I have to exercise so much.

Last night I did get a special email offer for Les Mills Body Combat which looks pretty interesting so I might go ahead and buy that to follow up after I finish ChaLean Extreme and then Turbo Fire. I'm still eyeing Insanity though too!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Running around and around

So much for an evening workout last night. It always happens to me - without fail - when I put off my workouts until the evening on the week's the kids are with me - someting always comes up and I don't get my workout in. I didn't get in a lunchtime workout yesterday either because I basically worked through my lunch trying to catch up with work since I had been off for 5 days over the Thanksgiving holiday. I thought I had this one in the bag though - I had left work at 4:30 since I came in at 8:30 and I knew we were having leftovers for dinner so I was determined to pop in a ChaLean Extreme dvd while the kids ate their dinner and finished their homework. So much for that plan. At 5:30 on my way to pick them up I got a text from Devin asking if we could stop by the library to pick up a book for reading class because he had finished the one he had just started last Friday.

I picked the kids up and we 1st tried the library close to his dad's house where he knew book 2 in his series was. We walked in at 5:55, they close at 6 and would not process a library card at that hour. So then we went to the library by my house. They only had book 3 and not book 2 so they called over to another libray for them to hold it. Mikaela wanted to be dropped off at home so we swung by the house and left her to hang out with Jamie.

Devin and I got to the libray to pick up the book and fill out new library cards for ourselves.

We checked out the book and on the way home I stopped at the gas station. That is where Devin realized he actually had book 3 and the book that was back at the 1st library was book 2. I filled up the gas tank and then we went BACK to the library to return book 3 that we had just checked out and to check out book 2 - but it wasn't there. We searched all over the shelves with the librarian and she couldn't find the issue that was supposed to be on premises so she called the 1st library and asked them to hold it for us. By then it was about 8pm and I was hungry and tired so we finally drove home. Jamie had prepared plates for us and made the kids lunches for the next day - what a sweetie- but Devin still had math homework to finish! I told him that we were no longer going to be looking for reading books on weeknights. The library has a hold process where he can request to hold books on-line so I plan on having him take advantage of that from now on!

The good thing is they also have downloadable books I can look into after I finish the 100 or so e-books I have in my Nook.

After I finally got everybody to bed I camped out in my recliner with my Nook and remote control to catch-up on some blogs and the dvr.

No workout Monday.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Over commit much?

Yes that would be me! You see - I usually putter out and tire of any workout program I begin so a couple of months ago I thought I would "mix things up".

The first thing I did was join Tina's Best Body Bootcamp. There was a couple of weeks between the sign-up time and the actual bootcamp start so then I ventured onto the Beachbody website. After doing some research and reading some reviews I went ahead and bought ChaLean Extreme and started following the workout program faithfully the day after I got it. THEN... Best Body Bootcamp started. I tried to combine the schedules of the two programs to at least overlap the cardio days to fall on the same day - but then something else got added to my mix. I got the itch to try to "run" again and I dowloaded the RunKeeper app to my phone and dowloaded the Beginners 5K program. So.... now you can see that my workout schedule just got CRAZY. But noooooo.... that wasn't enough for me. I then joined the Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge to try to help me get through the holidays.

Now my brain is completely fried and boggled on how I can keep up with any of the scheduled workouts, let alone all the "check-ins" and accountability posts I'm supposed to make. So... it's time for me to step back and just do me.

Yes - I'm feeling stronger following ChaLean Extreme and I am definitely going to keep it up for the next 8 weeks. And yes - I did go ahead and order Turbo Fire to begin when ChaLean Extreme is complete. The next set I want to buy after Turbo Fire will be Insanity. I am DEFNITELY a dvd exerciser. It all started with a step aerobic video and a step bench long ago and then when I finally got back into working out - the kids were small and I couldn't always get to the gym so I started doing the Leslie Sansone dvds at home then. From there I progressed to TaeBo and then a whole slew of various dvd followed. ChaLean Extreme is the first attempt at lifting weights I've seriously done and I love how strong it makes me feel.

I think Tina's Best Body Bootcamp program is an awesome plan if I didn't already have a direction or plan I was following. It's very difficult for me to keep up with it in addition to ChaLean Extreme. The only other thing I have difficulty with it is the prep work. She sends out the program for 2 weeks at a time. Then I have to look up and print the actual moves called for and put them together in a packet for me to bring to the gym or keep by my side to refer to at home. For me - it's just a personal preference - but if I'm going to be referring to anything - it wold be easier to just watch a dvd. That way I'm not losing my momentum or tempo by referring back to my notes. There are 3 more weeks left of bootcamp and I am by no means totally abandoning it - in fact, I would like to try some of her new-to-me moves.

And the running... I do want to continue following a 3 times a week running plan. So far - running has been the best calorie burner for me. It hasn't been too kind on my knees which is why I plan to keep it to just 3 times a week. Maybe I should try Spinning? lol See - there I go again - already looking at a new activity!

We'll see how I do over the next 4 weeks as I prepare for our trip to Seattle for Christmas. I really would like to head out there toned and in shape to see my family and old friends!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

29 Day (Almost a Month) Recap

Geez... where does the blogging time go? It's been 29 days since my last blog post?!? I feel like I'm always so busy - which isn't at all true - it's just that I have a lot of time suckers in my life that I need to reign in and get myself refocused. Right now I am totally addicted to Instagram. I went through the whole Facebook phase, then there was Pinterest, then reading tons of exercise/healthy living blogs, and now it's all about Instagram. I'm using Instagram for my workout motivation and personal journaling. I love to see how other people - especially busy moms - are balancing it all - workouts, healthy eating, marriages and kids. But at the same time - I want to be able to keep up with my own blog as something for me to look back on and see my own transformation story. I had some issues with posting my last two blog posts where I can't, for the life of me, edit and move the pictures. I signed up and looked at moving over to WordPress but for now I'm going to stick it out and see if I can't fight my way through Blogger!

A couple of weeks ago Hurricane Sandy blew her way through Maryland. We were lucky and only lost power overnight. I had been proaactive and overly cautious and booked a hotel room for me and the kids since Jamie had to work. It was like a mini-vacation for the kids and believe it or not - I did manage to get my 1st hotel workout in!

I've been working out pretty frequently lately between following ChaLean Extreme and Tina Reale's the Best Body Bootcamp workouts. My poor heart rate monitor has been all over the place and flat lining - even after I got the battery changed in the watch and the transitter. Jamie said it was probably from OVERuse! So I finally broke down and ordered a new one. It's the same model (Polar) and style (FT4) as my last one - but in pink!

And lastly - the family - we're all doing good. The kids have finished their 1st quarter of 7th grade and have really good grades - except for math. Math is definitely our challenge this year for both kids. The teachers aren't using math textbooks - everything is either on-line or worksheets, so when the kids have questions I have to google the math problems and try to review where they're at so that I can then explain it to the kids. One night last week my son and I were up til 11:30pm working on his math.
Oh - and THESE went out this morning in the mail! Yep - I'm throwing my hubby a birthday party this year! It's in 3 weeks so it's time to get planning - Pinterest here I come :-)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Wednesday two-a-day

Yesterday was definitely a good workout day for me. During lunch I went to the gym in the building and did Week 4 of the Couch to 5K running plan. I am determined to figure out why I always have to take walk breaks when I try to run. I'm just going to continue using the program for my runs until I can complete the running workout as stated instead of skipping ahead to the next one - even if it means I'll be stuck on the 20 minute run for the rest of my life!
Jamie had to work and the kids were having dinner with their dad so I was also able to fit in my ChaLean Extreme workout for the day. I did the Burn Circuit #2. This was my 2nd time doing this circuit but my 1st time with the sheet so I could actually document which weights I was using. I really need to still do my measurements and "before" picture seeing as I'm already in my 2nd week of the program...

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Still at it

Here I am - here I am! On Week 2 of ChaLean Extreme and still at it. It's a little harder trying to fit in the workouts this week (last week the kids were with their dad) so I'm trying to adjust, juggle and reschedule the workouts to still get them in!

Getting it done

Some pics of my getting it back together with my workouts. I am doing ChaLean extreme and still doing a little cardio on the gym treadmill at lunch. I love the summary report on the treadmill after my workout!
And look at my husband helping to support me! I came home from work last week and he had TWO crockpots going with our dinners for the week. One had a turkey meatloaf in it and the other had turkey chili! He's definitely a keeper and so supportive of me!

Long weekend

Yay for long weekends with my sweetie! Hubby and I were both off for Columbus Day so we had a relaxing day together.
Besides the fact that I could barely walk because I had taken the ChaLean Extreme Fit Test and done the workout the day before it was a really fun day!
We ACTUALLY used a Groupon BEFORE it expired. We went to Poncabird Pub in Baltimore for $20 worth of pub food. It was in a kind of sketchy area but we still ventured in. Inside it was pretty empty - maybe because it was late afternoon on a Monday afternoon. The bartenders and cook were super friendly though. I ended up getting and devouring this ginormous burger that was sooooo.... good (and greasy, but good)!! Our final bill was only about 5 bucks plus tip.
And on a final note - I bought a new blinged out cell phone case. Isn't she cute?

The weekend!

Tis the season for pumpkin fever! Check out the pumpkin spice coffee and the pumkin creamer I had with my healthy breakfast on Saturday morning!
I was the soccer snack mom for the game so when Devin and I ran into K-mart before the game look at what we saw - Christmas decorations - ALREADY!! It's not even Halloween yet!
After the game Jamie and I took the kids bowling which later turned into Cosmic Bowling.
And yes - we were in Ravens territory as can be seen by the purple Ravens donuts on the top shelf at Dunkin Donuts.

Busy school weeks

With Devin taking swimming lessons and Mikaela playing soccer - it sure does get hectic during the week!
When I went to Devin's swimming lesson I surely was not prepared for how HOT it is in the pool area. They have chairs set up around the pool for the parents to watch and I was sweating to death. Plus I didn't realize I would be walking around a wet pool area in my work heels since I took him to his lesson straight from work. Next time I'll have to plan my outfit a little better.

Mikaela's season is almost over. She only has practice once a week and it's getting darker earlier which makes is colder too!
And then after a full week of activities - we stopped at the town center to grab some pizza to bring home. I had a veggie with a Lime A Rita to round out my Friday evening.
And then looky what was at the door:
It's ChaLean Extreme! I CAN NOT wait to get started!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Happy October

I can't believe the 1st week of October is almost over!
I'm seeing so many pumpkin items in the stores I just HAD to pick this up to try!
It is DELICIOUS! It really does taste like pumpkin pie! Of course it's probably not as good for me or as nutritious as my Chobani greek yogurt but boy is it yummy!

I made this Annie's Macaroni & Cheese as part of dinner last night. I liked it but my daughter said it tasted "healthy"!

Fwd: Getting Fit Steps

All of the birthday festivities have finally settled down and now it's time to step up my fitness game!
I joined Tina's Best Body Bootcamp. It's an 8 week on-line bootcamp that I cannot WAIT to start!

I also broke down and ordered ChaLean Extreme which I REALLY cannot wait to start. Through all of my instagramming I've seen a lot of women with great results from the Beachbody products. They are all pricey so I need to start it right when I receive it because it has a 30 day money back guarantee.  If only I had done that with P90X...

I have been down to the gym in my building twice this week so far. The 1st time was on Tuesday and I was not impressed. It is TINY - just 2 treadmills, 2 ellipticals & 2 bikes along with some weights.  Each cardio machine has its own tv - but of course the tv wasn't working on the treadmill I got on & someone was already on the other one. So my only option was to listen to my ipod and stare at the reflection of myself since all the cardio machines face a mirrored wall - yuck!

One cool thing though is at the end of the workout the treadmill has a pretty comprehensive summary page which is interesting to see.

The above summary was for an interval run I was trying out. I set my phone timer for intervals of 10 minute runs followed by a 1 minute walk for 3 sets. I made it through the 1st 2 runs by that 3rd one got me and I only lasted about 7 or 8 minutes. I will try it again today though I hope at lunchtime.
THIS is the face of a happy boy!
My son is an avid reader and he has been waiting MONTHS for this book to come out so of course we had to go to Barnes & Noble the 1st day it came out. How can I deny a kid that loves to read??

I finally tried this new to me mahi-mahi burger for dinner that I had bought at BJs months ago and was sitting in the freezer. I didn't want any bread with it since I was already having carb-y peas and sweet potato fries so I just put a little bit of salsa on it for flavor and it was GOOD!
And then this happened! I was craving something sweet and didn't want to open up one of the bags of Halloween candy in the pantry that Jamie had already bought that I have been resisting for weeks so I had one of these - a leftover-from-Easter hollow chocolate bunny. Which may or may not have been followed by a couple of hollow eggs too.