Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching up

My laptop went kaput (it has some sort of virus) and work has been busy so my blog posts fell by the wayside. But I'm back to catch-up a bit.

Thursday during lunch I did get a lunchtime treadmill walking workout in and dabbled in retracking my Weight Watchers points but that only lasted for the day. Tracking points is time-consuming for me and then when you have a bad day points-wise (like I did on Friday night when I ate a blue cheese bacon burger with fries) - the points stay with you all week when you track with WW - which just doesn't do much to motivate me at all. I don't have a problem seeing my bad day, owning it and then moving on from it - but I hate being stuck looking at it until my points reset weekly. My WW billing cycle ends Friday so I'm not going to renew for May - I'll use Sparkpeople's FREE calorie tracking sight instead.

I didn't get any workouts in over the weekend and I ate and drank awful. Yes, my fitting is a week from tomorrow. The good thing is - I haven't GAINED any weight and I do still have 75 days until the actual wedding so although the dress may need no alterations I still have time to tone up and slim down just a lil bit!

This week I will have to adjust some workouts. I have a conference at work to go to today - so no lunchtime treadmill workout and then on Thursday I'm meeting an old friend for lunch - so no lunchtime workout then. I need to catch back-up on my restart of P90X and those are such long workouts I really need to schedule the time to get them in this week!

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