Sunday, April 15, 2012

Flexibilty - NOT!!

Today was "supposed" to be Yoga day on my P90X schedule. I couldn't get either of the 2 dvds set up to work so I had to use my laptop. I was frustrated because I felt off schedule so by the time the dvd actually started & I was ready for the workout - I only lasted 13 minutes of the 90. I didn't like it at all. I'm not much of a yoga fan to begin with but I thought Tony Horton looked silly in his yoga leggings & I just found the moves too difficult for someone like me who is not in the least bit flexible!
I stopped the dvd & dug through my boxes & found a good PILATES dvd I'm going to substitute for P90X yoga days for now - until I get stronger.  It is "Pilates Beginning Mat Workout" with Ana Caban. I like her instruction & her voice is calming - unlike Tony's. 
I followed the beginner student, Tara - and was able to complete the whole 25 minute dvd. It really did show me how much work I need to do to increase my flexibility & core strength! Definitely keeping this dvd in the rotation for a little while!

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