Saturday, April 14, 2012

Friday the 13th

I have to start packing/bringing my breakfasts to work. Today I ordered from the old work standby - Corner Bakery. I had the eggwhite, bacon & cheese panini thin with a side of fruit.
Lunch was an office event with co-workers. We went to The Hamilton. I checked out the menu online ahead of time & knew it was going to be a challenge.  It was a fancy shmancy place so no pic. I settled on the salmon burger (no bun) & sweet potato fries. I declined the alcohol & appetizers everyone else had. I had a small piece of bread with butter; no dessert, 2 glasses of water & a diet coke.
After work I went to the mall to use my Livingsocial deal at The Body Shop that was getting ready to expire. Then I wandered into good ole Trader Joes! Dinner was some TJ eggwhite salad on wheat bread and some veggies with TJ hummus.
I didn't get a workout in but must do so this weekend!

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