Wednesday, April 18, 2012

No ipod at the gym. Grrr

Monday I forgot to bring my heart rate monitor to the gym. It wasn't so bad as I've done that run/walk enough to have a pretty good estimate of my calories burned. But Tuesday when I forgot my ipod... Ugh!!  Luckily it was a "walking" day on the treadmill. I tend to not exert myself as much when I'm watching the tvs so I increased the Level from 6 to 7 and the speed from 4 to 4.2 and the time from 30 to 35 min and set it on random. I still watched Judge Alex & Judge Judy but I worked really hard. So hard in fact that I WALKED the same 2.6 miles at lunch that I RAN/WALKEDthe previous day and it only took me 5 minutes longer to walk it!
I had planned to get a P90X leg workout in after work but then I had an unexpected errand to run for the kids when I picked them up which put me in a foul mood because it was something their dad should have done. We got home late and then it was the mad rush to feed them & help with math homework.
My food for the day was the same as Monday except for dinner. There wasn't enough leftover spaghetti for me & Jamie too so I warmed up one of the Trader Joe frozen pasta dishes I picked up. It said there were "about" 3 one cup servings but really I just barely squeezed out 2. It was just okay to me. Nothing to write home about. Meatless. Lots of peppers. I had some mixed veggies to go with it and because I was still hungry afterwards I helped myself to a big bowl of ice cream - totally disregarding the low calorie Jello Temptations that were in the refrigerator. Oh well... there's always tomorrow right?
I did see an interesting treadmill interval workout I'm eager to try today at lunch.

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