Sunday, April 15, 2012

Saturday Cheat Day

Yesterday was my "breakfast with the kids" day.  They always want to go to Dunkin Donuts & I'm so sick of their food. Their egg white sandwiches are dry & awful to me. I splurged and had their version of the egg mcmuffin. It was just ok.

I had lunch with a dear, longtime friend. We went to a burger place she chose near Baltimore called Gino's. The place was along the lines of a Five Guys but the food wasn't as good.  I had a bacon cheeseburger & fries but I sure ate it all!

After dinner I continued driving up the road to Delaware to meet my sweetie who was staying up there for the weekend for a work function.  We hung out with some of his co-workers at the VFW and I drank way too much Captain Morgan & Diet Cokes.  We came back to the hotel & I devoured a whole Snickers bar in mere seconds. Then we went down to the bar & ordered wings & a meat/cheese/cracker platter for "dinner".


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