Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Yesterday at lunch I managed to knock out 2.6 miles running (with a couple of walk breaks)  I had been running at 5mph and yesterday increased it to 5.2. I didn't get in my P90X legs dvd but I did bring all my food to work for breakfast, lunch & snacks but the leftover Easter candy beckoned me after dinner.
Breakfast was egg beaters with laughing cow cheese & turkey bacon mixed in and an apple
Pre gym snack was the usual - 100 cal pack of almonds & a light string cheese.
Lunch was 2/3 cups of Old El Paso Tortilla Stuffer that I found in the pantry that was about to expire along with the last of the salvageable iceberg lettuce from Easter. I put a little salsa on top of it & a little of my plain nonfat greek yogurt & mixed it all together. The rest of the yogurt I ate mixed with fresh strawberry slices and a Splenda.
Dinner I overate the right portion. I initially measured out what I should eat but then went back for seconds. I had whole grain pasta with Ragu & ground turkey and peas. After dinner was more of a downslide. I had a Cadbury Creme Egg (my 1st of the season), a Chocolate Peeps and a serving of jelly beans.
I really would have liked to get an early evening workout in but the house was so hot (it got to 90 degrees for the daytime high) and then I got busy with packing lunches, laundry & prepping my clothes for work today.
I still couldn't wake up for a morning P90X workout today but I'm really determined to get one in this evening!

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