Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Yesterday I googled "mom fitness blog" and I came up with dozens of listings of blogs by either former athletes that run marathons and half marathons on a continuous basis or mom's that are certified trainers and real fitness fanatics - but what about the regular moms? The moms that have never been a super athlete, that have to juggle working full-time with raising their kids and fitting in fitness? The moms that have to meal plan and sometimes come up with meals on the fly? That's where my blog fits in. I'm just a regular mom, trying to get fit and lose a couple of pounds before my July wedding.

I restarted P90X on Sunday. I had already completed 2 1/2 weeks of the program in March before we moved and then it got put on the back burner. Sunday I figured I would just pick back up on Week 3. Boy was I wrong - it was TOUGH! Fortunately the 1st, 2nd and 3rd weeks are all the same series of workouts each day so I rescheduled my workout calendar and made Sunday's workout Week 1 of P90X. P90X is a 13 week program and if I stick to the schedule this time around I'll have finished 12 weeks before my wedding day!

So Sunday's workout was Chest & Back/Ab Ripper X

I got through the whole thing using my 8 lb weights and a resistance band (instead of the pull-up bar). Hopefully by the end of the program I'll be able to do a full pull-up!

Monday I didn't do any workout. I stayed up late Sunday night and then Jamie and I were going to go for a walk in our new neighborhood after work but it looked like it was going to rain.

Yesterday's workout was the P90X Plyometrics dvd

I LOVE this dvd - it's right up my alley as far as dvds - it's a tough hour of cardio that will definitely get you sweating. All the exercises have some form of jumping or squatting so I stuck with the woman doing the low impact version and some of the movs I even had to modify because I was feeling a little knee discomfort.

I stopped by a new store in our neighborhood on the way home - it's a "Natural Market". It was basically the expensive cousin to Trader Joe's. I ended up picking up a few cooking sauces with no added flavorings/colorings to try out in the next couple of weeks and a little piece of wild caught salmon that I had for dinner.

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