Saturday, May 19, 2012

8 weeks left!

In 8 weeks exactly I will be a married woman!!! The scale was a little heavier than I would have liked this morning but I've got time - I've got this! I know I do! The beer and pizza last night didn't help this mornings scale number but it sure was good and that is life sometimes.
I'm getting ready to mix up my workouts. I'm not loving P90X. The program is just too time consuming for me and in the 1st 3 weeks of the program I don't like 2 of the 6 workouts (yoga & kenpo) that you do on a weekly basis. Next Wednesday morning I'm going to a free trial of bootcamp 5 minutes from our house. Also I have a Groupon for 30 free classes to use by October so I may try some beginner yoga & kettlebell classes in the area. Then there's also the actual gym I'm a member of that has classes I can explore - namely spinning & water aerobics. PLUS... we're signed up for a 5K in exactly 8 days!! 
Yesterday was the 1st attempt at running I've done in quite awhile.  It was tough! I walked more than I would have liked. Next week will be running days for me on Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the 5K on Sunday. Interesting... I just noticed boot camp is Wednesday morning and I'm supposed to be running that day too. We'll also be off site for work all day Wednesday so I'll make that an outdoor, after work run.
Thursday ought to be quite painful for me.

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