Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Bad blogger, bad blogger

My last blog post was Saturday, May 5th - not ideal. I need to get in the habit of just posting randomly whenever I feel I have something to say rather than trying to wait and post a once a day update - life so often gets away from me that I forget to post ablout it. Also, I need to take more pictures :-)

Over the weekend I did get in the P90X Legs & Back dvd on Saturday

I like this workout. It has the normal 10 minute warm-up followed by 45 minutes of the actual routine and a 4 minute cooldown. The equipment needed for this dvd were weights (or bands) and a pull-up bar (or bands - I used bands - I still can't manage to do a pull-up). The one exercise I hated the most was called "Single Leg Wall Squats" - talk about OUCH! I only lasted about 3 minutes into the Ab Ripper X sectionat the end of the dvd - talk about killer - before my muscles started cramping. My ab muscles are soooooo weak!

On Sunday my legs were "feeling the burn" from the Legs and Back dvd but I still ventured on to my 1st try at P90X Kenpo X

Ummmm... I hated it. It was way too advanced for me with not a lot of instruction directed at modifying moves for beginners to Kenpo. It's basically Tony Horton's version of kickboxing/tae bo. I lasted exactly 18 minutes of the dvd, popped it out and inserted an old Tae Bo dvd - Tae Bo Amped Turbo Charged Fat Burner. The dvd run time said the run time was 23 minutes but the actual dvd ran 30 minutes. It was a good workout. This is one of the dvds in the series Billy Blanks put out awhile ago that uses a weighted red bar he calls the amplifier. I didn't use the bar this time though as I was still getting reacquainted with his moves since it has been so long since I've done Tae Bo. Even without the bar - I still worked up a good sweat!

Most of the weekend I ate pretty healthy but Sunday night we went to Hooters and I plenty of wings and a couple of drinks.

Monday I ate pretty healthy again most of the day (no workout though) but then ate a big ole' steak with cheese pasta for dinner.

Tuesday - once again I was on the healthy track (even got in a 30 minute lunchtime treadmill walk) but then after my dress fitting - my maid of honor and I came back to the house and had a couple of beers, a handful of chips and some baked crackers. That was basically my "dinner". The good news is that my dress fitting went awesome! The seamstress has to take in the hips and the waist of my dress so I must be on the right track! There's still a ton of wedding related stuff to accomplish though!

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