Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blogging is tough to keep up with- especially when you're really on the go! I haven't worked out since last Tuesday but Jamie and I have done a lot of wedding stuff! We booked our honeymoon!! We bought our wedding rings! We ordered our cake! We're really moving along!  The only things left are hiring a photographer and a florist!

We had a fun, long weekend of taking care of wedding stuff, hanging out and drinking one too many margaritas one night, and taking care of house stuff (him = lawn and sprinkler stuff, me = unpacking our home office). I bought a new laptop because my last one got a virus so I'll be playing around on that soon. I also bought a new scanner. The old laptop I'm having the Geek Squad fix and then I'll let the kids use it as theirs.

Today I plan to tweak my exercise schedule to adjust for the week of non-working out I just had. Maybe tonight I'll actually try to update my food in MyFitness Pal too since I did bring healthy food in to work today which is easy to track!

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