Friday, May 4, 2012

I did it - well most of it.

Last night I did the P90X chest & shoulders dvd. I didn't do the last 15 minutes (Ab Ripper X) because the kids were downstairs doing their homework & I felt like I needed to check on them. Good thing too because my daughter either had a whole lot or was goofing off while I was working out because she was up forever!
The part of the dvd I did was 60 minutes in length. It only required hand weights (I used 8lb most of the time & switched to the 5 lb for most of the tricep/kickback workouts) and a chair. There was a 10 minute warm-up and a 3 1/2 minute cooldown. There was also a 10 minute "bonus round" the last 10 minutes.
Today's scheduled P90X workout was Yoga and I already posted how I feel about that dvd so I skipped P90X today and did my interval treadmill run during my lunch break.

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