Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Sunday May 27th was my 1st 5K of the season and I PR'd it!!
The days leading up to it I was pretty nervous. I felt like I hadn't done enough outdoor running. The only outdoor run I did so far this year was the Friday before the 5K and that took me 41 min. Come on - even my 1st 5K 2 years ago I ran in 39 min!!

The night before the race Jamie & I hung out in Baltimore. I had 3 beers and some cheeseburger sliders & fries - not exactly a "runner's pre-race meal". We got a late start leaving the house on race day and ended up running around to pick up our packets & numbers, just barely making it to the starting line in time for the race to begin!

The race was through downtown Baltimore. There were a couple of hills that I had to walk part of but next year I WILL MAKE THEM MINE! I finished the race way faster than I expected - 37:36!!  We're already looking for a June race to run. 

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