Friday, June 22, 2012

After going way too many days in a row without any workouts I got two in on Tuesday! At lunchtime I made my way down to the gym in my office building and walked 30 minutes on the treadmill - covering 2.2 miles. That evening I really wanted to do some weight work but the thought of listening to Tony Horton from P90X and committing to 75 minutes of a dvd was more than I could think of. Instead - I opened up my Supreme 90 Day workout dvd set that I have had since forever but always saved as my "I'll do it after I complete P90X" series. Well, seeing as I'm having such a hard time fitting the lengthy P90X dvds into my schedule - this was a welcome surprise! I went with Day 1's dvd - Chest & Back. The Supreme 90 Day program, like P90X, has a calendar of which dvds you should do in which order for 90 days. Since I'll be on my honeymoon in just about 3 weeks, I'm not committing to the 90 day plan YET but I will try to incorporate some of the 1st 30 days workouts into my schedule leading up to the wedding.

LOVED that this dvd was only 32 min !!

My sweetie FINALLY came home yesterday!! I missed him terribly and even made the bed for his homecoming ;-) We are so different in a lot of ways - he's a bedmaker, I'm not - but because I know he likes it I make try to make the bed everyday even though I'm the last one up and out. The pic on the left is how our bed looked since basically Sunday morning when he left until yesterday morning!

This mini heat wave we're having is NOT fun! Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the heat over the cold any day - but when I say I like heat - I want it to be in the 80's - not the 100's. It was so hot and muggy but my sweetie still made dinner for ME last night - even though he was the one who had just returned home from out of town. He's definitely a keeper and I'm so lucky to be marrying him!

Mmmmm.... steaks!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flying solo Monday

Monday after work since I'm flying solo most of the week - I took the opportunity to go to Wegmans. I haven't been there in FOREVER! Now instead of automatically passing by the health food aisles I actually went down each one looking at all the items I've been reading about on various blogs and in magazines and deciding on which items fit into MY lifestyle to meet my goals.

I read about so many people putting peanut butter or almond butter in their smoothies which sounds yummy but the calorie counts for those items just don't make it for my goals. I've been reading about PopChips and couldn't figure out which flavor to try so I bought 3 bags - hope they're good!

I also replenished my fruit supply for the week and picked up some Chobani greek yogurt since they were on sale for a dollar each!

Then at the check out register a cute reusable bag caught my eye so I bought one too.

When I got home I ate the dinner I picked up at Wegman's hot bar. I think it's really cool that above some of the items they have posted the serving size and calorie information. That definitely helped me make some better choices!

After dinner I tackled one of my least favorite annual summertime activities - trying on all my summer t-shirts and halter tops and sorting them by "muffin-top noticeability". So many summer shirts are snug and form fitting that it makes dressing cute in the summer difficult for me. I tried on over 100 shirts and sorted them into 3 categories:

  • "can wear now/appropriate to go out in public wearing"
  • "maybe/hopefully if I can lose these daggone 10 lbs I struggle to get off - these shirts will look good again"
  • "keep dreaming" - chances are this pile will be donated at the end of the summer. Most of the shirts in this pile are shirts I bought without trying on (automatically reaching for the size Small) or shirts that I knew were snug when I bought them but hoped I'd be able to fit into one day.
I didn't get a workout in on Monday and I did go over in my calories for the day but after the time I spent in my closet - I am determined to get back on plan!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catching up... with pictures

Yikes time keeps flying - 10 days since my last post. Today's posting goal is to get caught up and then to try to post my regularly - even if it's just random thoughts each day.

First things first, my biopsy results didn't go as expected so I have a consultation on July 2nd with a surgeon.

A couple of weeks ago Jamie and I volunteered for the Special Olympics through his base. It took place up in Delaware on the University of Delware campus. We were basically on the clean-up committee but in between cleaning up we did get to watch a couple of the swiming and bocchi events.

I have a couple of new to me favorites right now:

Folgers Black Silk coffee

This is actually a photo of a chair I took but I played around with it in a new app I downloaded called Little Photo. 
And this is just me playing around again with the Little Photo App - trying my hand at being a pretend photographer!
The new shoes I bought at the Nike Outlet. My last shoes were Asics and I probably should have stayed with the same brand. The heels on these were rubbing a liitle last week when I walked on the treadmill. Here's hoping they get better soon!

We tried out the Trader Joes refrigerated pizza dough. I used the whole wheat...
Jamie used the regular. We used turkey pepperoni, 2% shredded mozzarella and just regular Ragu pizza sauce because that's what we had in the pantry. I'm sure there's a healthier pizza sauce out there though - I just need to look for it.

Picture of the kiddos while we were out for pizza waiting patiently for our food!

Jamie is gone for 5 days and he takes care of the outside stuff related to the house so I jotted down this note and text it to him so he'd know I was on the job!

Looking forward to our bridal party get together this weekend! I did a little shopping for some props and this is one of the items I picked up.

When Jamie got to Tampa he was wondering what was going on. Evidently there were people walking around the hotel that had on bunny ears. I asked him if he was at a Playboy convention and he said - NOT THAT KIND OF BUNNY EARS! So while I was out shopping I saw this litle makeup bag and sent  him this pic.

And then my final errand of the weekend. Getting "sparkly" all cleaned up.

Now that the blog catching up is all done - I plan to do a better job this week and get back to my workouts so I can post about them!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

First week of June

June is going by so fast. Before you know it - July will be here and I'll be a married woman!

June 1st I had a follow-up mammogram (diagnostic). It didn't go to great and I had to schedule a biopsy for Tuesday morning.

The weekend was okay. Jamie was away for work the whole weekend so it was just me and the kiddos. I bought them new bikes and Devin had outgrown of his short sleeved shirts from last summer I ended up buying him all new shirts too. Can you say OUCH on my wallet?!?

But look at those HAPPY faces!!

Sunday after homework we went and played a round of mini-golf. I had to redeem myself from the AWFUL game I had with them a couple of weeks ago! Mommy won! :-)

Sunday I stayed up too late just sitting around chit-chatting and catching up with Jamie. I stayed up too late to make it to Bootcamp on Monday morning or to even attempt a lunchtime workout.

Tuesday morning bright and early was my biopsy. Afterwards the told me I wouldn't be able to work out for THREE DAYS!! UGH!! Jamie came with me to the appointment and afterwards we tried out a new Mexican place near our house which was really good (no pics this time) and a really cool restaurant with an outdoor patio that's super close to our house. We'll definitely be going back to that one soon so I'll take pictures next time.

Wednesday I had my wedding dress fitting which actually went awful. For whatever reason the slip "shrunk"! lol No - they couldn't get it zipped over the bra I was using so I had a brief moment of fear that I had gained weight and my dress wouldn't fit. The dress did end up fitting though but in my mind I feel like my back looks awful again - like it looks like a squished up pigs in a blanket. When I can resume my workouts again (this weekend) - I'm seeing some definite Bootcamp, Running and P90X arms and back dvds in my future for the next 5 weeks!