Friday, June 22, 2012

After going way too many days in a row without any workouts I got two in on Tuesday! At lunchtime I made my way down to the gym in my office building and walked 30 minutes on the treadmill - covering 2.2 miles. That evening I really wanted to do some weight work but the thought of listening to Tony Horton from P90X and committing to 75 minutes of a dvd was more than I could think of. Instead - I opened up my Supreme 90 Day workout dvd set that I have had since forever but always saved as my "I'll do it after I complete P90X" series. Well, seeing as I'm having such a hard time fitting the lengthy P90X dvds into my schedule - this was a welcome surprise! I went with Day 1's dvd - Chest & Back. The Supreme 90 Day program, like P90X, has a calendar of which dvds you should do in which order for 90 days. Since I'll be on my honeymoon in just about 3 weeks, I'm not committing to the 90 day plan YET but I will try to incorporate some of the 1st 30 days workouts into my schedule leading up to the wedding.

LOVED that this dvd was only 32 min !!

My sweetie FINALLY came home yesterday!! I missed him terribly and even made the bed for his homecoming ;-) We are so different in a lot of ways - he's a bedmaker, I'm not - but because I know he likes it I make try to make the bed everyday even though I'm the last one up and out. The pic on the left is how our bed looked since basically Sunday morning when he left until yesterday morning!

This mini heat wave we're having is NOT fun! Don't get me wrong - I LOVE the heat over the cold any day - but when I say I like heat - I want it to be in the 80's - not the 100's. It was so hot and muggy but my sweetie still made dinner for ME last night - even though he was the one who had just returned home from out of town. He's definitely a keeper and I'm so lucky to be marrying him!

Mmmmm.... steaks!!!

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