Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Catching up... with pictures

Yikes time keeps flying - 10 days since my last post. Today's posting goal is to get caught up and then to try to post my regularly - even if it's just random thoughts each day.

First things first, my biopsy results didn't go as expected so I have a consultation on July 2nd with a surgeon.

A couple of weeks ago Jamie and I volunteered for the Special Olympics through his base. It took place up in Delaware on the University of Delware campus. We were basically on the clean-up committee but in between cleaning up we did get to watch a couple of the swiming and bocchi events.

I have a couple of new to me favorites right now:

Folgers Black Silk coffee

This is actually a photo of a chair I took but I played around with it in a new app I downloaded called Little Photo. 
And this is just me playing around again with the Little Photo App - trying my hand at being a pretend photographer!
The new shoes I bought at the Nike Outlet. My last shoes were Asics and I probably should have stayed with the same brand. The heels on these were rubbing a liitle last week when I walked on the treadmill. Here's hoping they get better soon!

We tried out the Trader Joes refrigerated pizza dough. I used the whole wheat...
Jamie used the regular. We used turkey pepperoni, 2% shredded mozzarella and just regular Ragu pizza sauce because that's what we had in the pantry. I'm sure there's a healthier pizza sauce out there though - I just need to look for it.

Picture of the kiddos while we were out for pizza waiting patiently for our food!

Jamie is gone for 5 days and he takes care of the outside stuff related to the house so I jotted down this note and text it to him so he'd know I was on the job!

Looking forward to our bridal party get together this weekend! I did a little shopping for some props and this is one of the items I picked up.

When Jamie got to Tampa he was wondering what was going on. Evidently there were people walking around the hotel that had on bunny ears. I asked him if he was at a Playboy convention and he said - NOT THAT KIND OF BUNNY EARS! So while I was out shopping I saw this litle makeup bag and sent  him this pic.

And then my final errand of the weekend. Getting "sparkly" all cleaned up.

Now that the blog catching up is all done - I plan to do a better job this week and get back to my workouts so I can post about them!

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