Thursday, June 7, 2012

First week of June

June is going by so fast. Before you know it - July will be here and I'll be a married woman!

June 1st I had a follow-up mammogram (diagnostic). It didn't go to great and I had to schedule a biopsy for Tuesday morning.

The weekend was okay. Jamie was away for work the whole weekend so it was just me and the kiddos. I bought them new bikes and Devin had outgrown of his short sleeved shirts from last summer I ended up buying him all new shirts too. Can you say OUCH on my wallet?!?

But look at those HAPPY faces!!

Sunday after homework we went and played a round of mini-golf. I had to redeem myself from the AWFUL game I had with them a couple of weeks ago! Mommy won! :-)

Sunday I stayed up too late just sitting around chit-chatting and catching up with Jamie. I stayed up too late to make it to Bootcamp on Monday morning or to even attempt a lunchtime workout.

Tuesday morning bright and early was my biopsy. Afterwards the told me I wouldn't be able to work out for THREE DAYS!! UGH!! Jamie came with me to the appointment and afterwards we tried out a new Mexican place near our house which was really good (no pics this time) and a really cool restaurant with an outdoor patio that's super close to our house. We'll definitely be going back to that one soon so I'll take pictures next time.

Wednesday I had my wedding dress fitting which actually went awful. For whatever reason the slip "shrunk"! lol No - they couldn't get it zipped over the bra I was using so I had a brief moment of fear that I had gained weight and my dress wouldn't fit. The dress did end up fitting though but in my mind I feel like my back looks awful again - like it looks like a squished up pigs in a blanket. When I can resume my workouts again (this weekend) - I'm seeing some definite Bootcamp, Running and P90X arms and back dvds in my future for the next 5 weeks!

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