Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Flying solo Monday

Monday after work since I'm flying solo most of the week - I took the opportunity to go to Wegmans. I haven't been there in FOREVER! Now instead of automatically passing by the health food aisles I actually went down each one looking at all the items I've been reading about on various blogs and in magazines and deciding on which items fit into MY lifestyle to meet my goals.

I read about so many people putting peanut butter or almond butter in their smoothies which sounds yummy but the calorie counts for those items just don't make it for my goals. I've been reading about PopChips and couldn't figure out which flavor to try so I bought 3 bags - hope they're good!

I also replenished my fruit supply for the week and picked up some Chobani greek yogurt since they were on sale for a dollar each!

Then at the check out register a cute reusable bag caught my eye so I bought one too.

When I got home I ate the dinner I picked up at Wegman's hot bar. I think it's really cool that above some of the items they have posted the serving size and calorie information. That definitely helped me make some better choices!

After dinner I tackled one of my least favorite annual summertime activities - trying on all my summer t-shirts and halter tops and sorting them by "muffin-top noticeability". So many summer shirts are snug and form fitting that it makes dressing cute in the summer difficult for me. I tried on over 100 shirts and sorted them into 3 categories:

  • "can wear now/appropriate to go out in public wearing"
  • "maybe/hopefully if I can lose these daggone 10 lbs I struggle to get off - these shirts will look good again"
  • "keep dreaming" - chances are this pile will be donated at the end of the summer. Most of the shirts in this pile are shirts I bought without trying on (automatically reaching for the size Small) or shirts that I knew were snug when I bought them but hoped I'd be able to fit into one day.
I didn't get a workout in on Monday and I did go over in my calories for the day but after the time I spent in my closet - I am determined to get back on plan!

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