Friday, July 6, 2012

4 + 4

The 4th of July was definitely a HOT one! Jamie and I did stuff around the house in the morning (me = indoor housekeeping, Jamie = outdoor yardwork).  Then we had to sit down and seriously crunch some financial numbers - all of our final wedding payments are due in the next week! Let's just say that paying for an entire wedding/honeymoon on our own is not cheap and can be quite overwhelming when you do the final math!

Early evening we had an appointment for the final walk through on the boat we're getting married on. The owner is SOOOO sweet. He listened to what I wanted as our menu and he's custom designing a menu for our approval on Monday.

The boat we're getting married on
After that appointment we went to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore. It was SOOOO hot and it was starting to fill up with people so we walked over to the Hard Rock Cafe to grab a drink and a bite to eat. It was too hot for a heavy meal or a lot of alcohol so I had a glass of wine while I perused the menu. We ordered nachos and bruschetta to share and I had a pomegranate martini.

Us trying to stay cool at the Hard Rock Cafe
After dinner we walked and sweated around the Harbor until we found a patch of grass to plant ourselves for the fireworks show. The fireworks were nice and I saw some that I had never seen before.

Afterwards Baltimore Police were QUICK to shut down the harbor. The police were out in full force making sure everyone left right away instead of hanging out at the Harbor. We thought we were lucky when we found a parking space in a really close parking lot. The problem was traffic was horrendous getting out of Baltimore after the fireworks and our parking lot was a cluster of cars jockeying for position to all exit through the one exit gate to pay by "credit card only" and there was only one lot attendant handling the credit card machine. We ended up sitting across the street for over an hour just watching the debacle in our parking lot until the mess cleared out a little.

The 5th of July I woke up and did my P90X Plyometrics dvd. That really is one of my favorites so far of the P90X dvds I've done. I was covered in sweat when I was done and burned 397 calories in that hour according to my heart rate monitor!

It was still hot as all get out that afternoon! We had an appointment for our final meeting with the florist and then we grabbed lunch at Panera Bread. Afterwards we hit up the grocery store to replace all the items we had lost in last week's storm. I cooked dinner (made my own turkey meatballs - but they needed more seasoning) and picked up the kiddos for dinner with us.

After I brought them back to their dad's I came home, had a glass of wine and passed out!

So the other "4" in my post title besides blogging about the 4th of July... this morning when I got dressed for work I was able to slide into a pair of my size 4 capris!! Yay me!

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