Thursday, July 5, 2012

June wrap-up catch-up

Daily blogging is hard, weekly blogging should be easy but wow - I've gone about 3 weeks! Here's my catch-up post!

A gift one of my bridesmaids sent me!

They were ballet flats to wear during the reception

Yummmmm.... new coffee from Dunkin Donuts

Bridal party attire for a dinner we jad for our bridal party members to meet one another

My co-workers surprised me and decorated my office one morning

Present from my co-workers ;-)

Lunch (fish tacos) and margaritas with the ladies from work for my "bachelorette luncheon"

Power outage from the storms so me and my son had mother/son day at the mall.

Still no power so we stayed in a hotel in the 100 degree heat. My son was in heaven because he got to order room service AND eat on his bed!

Yes - he's in there somewhere under all those Hilton pillows!

What a life huh?

On the ride home - wiped out from stayin up til 1am watching a movie in the hotel.

During the month of June I did AWFUL with my workouts (see workout log page) but I'm determined to get back to it! 

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