Thursday, August 30, 2012


Monday morning my sister called me while I was at work to tell me our Aunt Cathy (my mother's sister) had passed away. It was a shock to us all. My mom's youngest brother had passed away suddenly 3 years ago so I knew this was going to be especially hard for my mother - having to bury another sibling.

My sister didn't cry when she told me the news and I didn't either.  I hadn't seen my aunt in 25 years. Growing up - she was the aunt that we saw every couple of years. She lived in Los Angeles and rarely came to Seattle. I always remember her as being tall and thin with long hair. Even her full name was exotic to me - Catalina. She was beautiful and as a teenager I wanted to be like her. Growing up my mom always said I reminded her so much of her sister Cathy which I took as a compliment.

About 15 years ago Auntie Cathy had a brain aneurysm. Her health never returned to 100%, she lost her husband and she had trouble with her son. I had lost direct contact with her by then. I was living on the East Coast, married with 2 young children & working full-time. But those are just excuses for not staying in touch with her.

I used to be so good at staying in touch with friends and loved ones before the internet. I would call, write letters, send cards. Then I got a little savvy and started a blog dedicated to the kids happenings so my mom could keep up long-distance. Now with technology I spend more time facebooking and texting - which definitely aren't very personal means of communicating. Perhaps after we get the thank you cards written for our wedding I'll go back to that more personal touch and write and call friends and family from time to time.

Monday, August 27, 2012

It's all about me

Really. It is. This blog is supposed to be about me and what I'm doing in my life.  The past couple months I've been so focused on reading and following blogs by other people that I haven't put enough focus on me or my blog.
Reading other blogs can be productive and informative for me provided that they are written by people in similar life situations as mine - married women, with children, working full-time jobs (outside of blogging) that aren't multi marathon runners. I have tired of reading about the perfect, clean-eating daily recipes complete with pictures that some bloggers post. What about the easy-to-prepare healthy meals a whole family can enjoy - where are those blogs?

Running is a form of exercise for me. It's not something I love but it is something I work at and try to be better at. I have no aspirations of waking up & running 10 miles before I get the kids and myself up and out the door.  I enjoy 5Ks and competing against my previous times when I do run them. Next spring I would like to train for a 10K & then a half in the fall/winter but that will probably be the extent of my long distance running. I don't have the desire to be a runner.

I have the desire to burn calories and build strength. That's what the focus of my little blog will be about - what works for me to meet those goals. I have tons of exercise dvds that I've started working my way through again.
My dvd collection
I enjoy exercise dvds the most of any workouts I've ever been involved in. Exercise dvd aren't for everyone. Some people prefer exercising in classes, some people prefer exercising outdoors. I'm one of the few who may actually enjoy doing  good exercise dvd. It's easier for me to exercise consistently when I have a variety of dvds to choose from. I love that I can do them at home, in any weather and I can work them around the kids' schedules.

I look forward to dusting off some of my old favorites dvds and trying out some new ones in the upcoming weeks.

1st dvd I went back to on Thursday morning - 8/23 when I got Dr's clearance to resume workouts.
Friday morning -8/24 workout with 5 lb hand weights
Saturday morning - 8/25 with stretchie band
Monday morning 8/27 - little at home walking & jogging

Friday, August 17, 2012


Wednesday morning I had to have a surgery at George Washington University hospital. A couple of months ago my mammogram came back with a questionable area of cells so I did a 2nd mammogram.  The doctor still wasn't happy with that mammogram so I went in for a needle biopsy. The results from that were that it probably isn't cancer but the surgeon still wanted to do surgery to remove all of the cells they are concerned about and to retest those cells. The results will be back in a week for my follow up visit. 
I was able to come home that afternoon. I was starving after fasting since midnight so we stopped and grabbed a Starbucks immediately. On the way home we stopped and got cheeseburgers (not the lil cheeseburgers either) and fries. After we ate all of it - I read the discharge papers from the hospital and Jamie and I both burst out laughing because it stated you should start off with clear liquids and light foods at 1st. Oh my. I was fine though. The tylenol with codeine made me a little drowsy but we still managed to watch two Redbox dvds - Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds" and Justin Timberlake's "Friends With Benefits". They were both entertaining.
Thursday morning I still wasn't allowed to shower because of my stitches so I had to "bird bath" bathe in front of the sink. I ran some errands with Jamie to get out of the house.  We went to MVA and then to Sam's Club.  We're BJs members and I have been since before the kids were born but our membership was expiring at the end of this month so we decided to try Sam's this time. It's close to our home, bright & clean, and right next door to the Super Walmart I like.
While we were out we missed the Edible Arrangements delivery driver so we stopped by the store to pick up the fruit basket my co-workers sent.
Today I was codeine free so I took my 1st shower in 48 hours which felt glorious and brought my car for its first  oil change - which is where I'm blogging from. This morning I read every.single unread blog in my Reader and vowed to try to keep up with my own.
Here's to more frequent blogging hopefully!

Last weekend!

The four of us had a great weekend last weekend. Saturday we went to one of my favorites - Red Robin! I hadn't eaten all day so I REALLY indulged! I ate a bacon blue cheese burger & plenty of the bottomless fries. Afterwards we went to see the new Wimpy Kid movie which was hilarious!
Sunday we went to Andrews Air Force Base to do some back to school shopping.  The kids are so not excited for school to start. I have mixed feelings on it - I do like having some sort of structure and schedule but I also hate the endless homework the kids seem to have each night.
It was a fun-filled weekend for our household.
Monday and Tuesday were normal workdays/summer camp days.
Wednesday morning I had my surgery. Update to follow...

Saturday, August 11, 2012


Friday morning started with a 9:30 appt to the Orthodontist for Mikaela. They're still waiting for more teeth to grow in so we don't have to go back for 4 months! Afterwards I dropped them at camp and headed off to work.

I got to work at noon and got some work done before the whole office headed out for a goodbye lunch for one of our summer interns. We went to a new to me restaurant called PJ Clarks. I sampled a couple of the appetizers that were ordered for the table before I ate my seafood salad. It was delicious! It had huge amount of lobster, shrimp, crab and avocado in a vinegarette dressing.

When I got home from work Jamie & the kids had ordered pizza and wings. Of course I helped myself - who can resist pizza and wings? Not I! We watched a movie that may or may not have been totally kid appropriate and then watched some of the Olympics track coverage. It was a nice family night.

This morning I decided not to weigh myself. Why start the weekend with that on my mind? We're going to have an awesome weekend!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time to get back to me

Since my last post I got married!!! Went on my honeymoon!!! And finally got caught up at work after being off almost 2 weeks.

One of the 1st things I did when I got back from my honeymoon was unsubscribe from all of the emails I had signed up for that alerted me when a blog I was following had been updated.  After being out of the country a week - my email was on overload! I slowly sifted through most of them, unsubscribed to the blogger emails and subscribed to them via my Google reader. Ahhh.... harmony.  My updated blog posts are now all in one place and I can read them at my leisure rather than having my phone constantly beeping with incoming emails. My streamlining still isn't done though. Now I'm in the process of slowly unfollowing some of the blogs that may have seemed interesting at one point to me but are actually not relatable to me or my life.

Me? I'm a happily married working woman with twin middle school aged children. I'm not an athlete but I do strive to get in and stay in shape. Most weekdays I'm away from my house for 11 hours between my commute/kid school drop off/work. I need exercises that are quick and effective.  The same goes for meals.  I want to provide nutritious and easy to prepare meals.
My focus is back on me and my life rather than getting caught up in the blog world.  Sure I'll still read through other peoples blogs - but not at the level I was. Jamie and the kids were all gone the past 6 days and being by myself made me focus on myself.  I stocked up on healthy foods, prepared healthy meals, resumed exercising and started getting myself organized around the house.  Sure I missed them - so much so that I was downright lonely. Being alone forced me to do things for myself and by myself. It may have been a little jump start that I needed.

Everyone comes back tonight and I couldn't be more excited! The house feels so empty when it's just me in it. I miss talking to Jamie face to face and when we're not talking I miss just hanging out with him and around him. Although the kids are at that weird middle school stage - I do miss them filling the rooms, watching tv, playing on their iphones. I can't WAIT to see them all after work tonight!