Monday, August 27, 2012

It's all about me

Really. It is. This blog is supposed to be about me and what I'm doing in my life.  The past couple months I've been so focused on reading and following blogs by other people that I haven't put enough focus on me or my blog.
Reading other blogs can be productive and informative for me provided that they are written by people in similar life situations as mine - married women, with children, working full-time jobs (outside of blogging) that aren't multi marathon runners. I have tired of reading about the perfect, clean-eating daily recipes complete with pictures that some bloggers post. What about the easy-to-prepare healthy meals a whole family can enjoy - where are those blogs?

Running is a form of exercise for me. It's not something I love but it is something I work at and try to be better at. I have no aspirations of waking up & running 10 miles before I get the kids and myself up and out the door.  I enjoy 5Ks and competing against my previous times when I do run them. Next spring I would like to train for a 10K & then a half in the fall/winter but that will probably be the extent of my long distance running. I don't have the desire to be a runner.

I have the desire to burn calories and build strength. That's what the focus of my little blog will be about - what works for me to meet those goals. I have tons of exercise dvds that I've started working my way through again.
My dvd collection
I enjoy exercise dvds the most of any workouts I've ever been involved in. Exercise dvd aren't for everyone. Some people prefer exercising in classes, some people prefer exercising outdoors. I'm one of the few who may actually enjoy doing  good exercise dvd. It's easier for me to exercise consistently when I have a variety of dvds to choose from. I love that I can do them at home, in any weather and I can work them around the kids' schedules.

I look forward to dusting off some of my old favorites dvds and trying out some new ones in the upcoming weeks.

1st dvd I went back to on Thursday morning - 8/23 when I got Dr's clearance to resume workouts.
Friday morning -8/24 workout with 5 lb hand weights
Saturday morning - 8/25 with stretchie band
Monday morning 8/27 - little at home walking & jogging

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