Friday, August 17, 2012


Wednesday morning I had to have a surgery at George Washington University hospital. A couple of months ago my mammogram came back with a questionable area of cells so I did a 2nd mammogram.  The doctor still wasn't happy with that mammogram so I went in for a needle biopsy. The results from that were that it probably isn't cancer but the surgeon still wanted to do surgery to remove all of the cells they are concerned about and to retest those cells. The results will be back in a week for my follow up visit. 
I was able to come home that afternoon. I was starving after fasting since midnight so we stopped and grabbed a Starbucks immediately. On the way home we stopped and got cheeseburgers (not the lil cheeseburgers either) and fries. After we ate all of it - I read the discharge papers from the hospital and Jamie and I both burst out laughing because it stated you should start off with clear liquids and light foods at 1st. Oh my. I was fine though. The tylenol with codeine made me a little drowsy but we still managed to watch two Redbox dvds - Tyler Perry's "Good Deeds" and Justin Timberlake's "Friends With Benefits". They were both entertaining.
Thursday morning I still wasn't allowed to shower because of my stitches so I had to "bird bath" bathe in front of the sink. I ran some errands with Jamie to get out of the house.  We went to MVA and then to Sam's Club.  We're BJs members and I have been since before the kids were born but our membership was expiring at the end of this month so we decided to try Sam's this time. It's close to our home, bright & clean, and right next door to the Super Walmart I like.
While we were out we missed the Edible Arrangements delivery driver so we stopped by the store to pick up the fruit basket my co-workers sent.
Today I was codeine free so I took my 1st shower in 48 hours which felt glorious and brought my car for its first  oil change - which is where I'm blogging from. This morning I read every.single unread blog in my Reader and vowed to try to keep up with my own.
Here's to more frequent blogging hopefully!

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