Thursday, August 9, 2012

Time to get back to me

Since my last post I got married!!! Went on my honeymoon!!! And finally got caught up at work after being off almost 2 weeks.

One of the 1st things I did when I got back from my honeymoon was unsubscribe from all of the emails I had signed up for that alerted me when a blog I was following had been updated.  After being out of the country a week - my email was on overload! I slowly sifted through most of them, unsubscribed to the blogger emails and subscribed to them via my Google reader. Ahhh.... harmony.  My updated blog posts are now all in one place and I can read them at my leisure rather than having my phone constantly beeping with incoming emails. My streamlining still isn't done though. Now I'm in the process of slowly unfollowing some of the blogs that may have seemed interesting at one point to me but are actually not relatable to me or my life.

Me? I'm a happily married working woman with twin middle school aged children. I'm not an athlete but I do strive to get in and stay in shape. Most weekdays I'm away from my house for 11 hours between my commute/kid school drop off/work. I need exercises that are quick and effective.  The same goes for meals.  I want to provide nutritious and easy to prepare meals.
My focus is back on me and my life rather than getting caught up in the blog world.  Sure I'll still read through other peoples blogs - but not at the level I was. Jamie and the kids were all gone the past 6 days and being by myself made me focus on myself.  I stocked up on healthy foods, prepared healthy meals, resumed exercising and started getting myself organized around the house.  Sure I missed them - so much so that I was downright lonely. Being alone forced me to do things for myself and by myself. It may have been a little jump start that I needed.

Everyone comes back tonight and I couldn't be more excited! The house feels so empty when it's just me in it. I miss talking to Jamie face to face and when we're not talking I miss just hanging out with him and around him. Although the kids are at that weird middle school stage - I do miss them filling the rooms, watching tv, playing on their iphones. I can't WAIT to see them all after work tonight!

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