Thursday, September 6, 2012

Abs are made in the kitchen

The past two nights I have totally self-sabotaged with my eating. By the time I picked up the kids Tuesday evening I was already starving from not eating enough at work before I left that I ended up eating m&ms AND pop chips on the way home. Then when I was prepping dinner I snacked on more chips :-(

Last night right after work I went to get my nails & toes done. By the time I got home I was starving AGAIN and inhaled everything in my sight while I decided on & prepared my dinner.

Obviously the lesson to myself is that I need to plan my full day of eating - including snacks - and to be better prepared with healthier options to turn to.

This morning's weigh-in for my Weight Watchers plan I was up a little over a pound. I took such effort & planning over the 3 day weekend to eat & drink in moderation and I was so close to one of my weight goals and then I go and blow it. Why spend the money for Weight Watchers if I'm only halfway doing it?

This week has definitely been challenging for me. I haven't been able to wake up in the mornings to workout which stinks. In order to do that on my "kid-weeks" I need to be working out BY 5am to keep us all on the right track for getting out of the house by 6:50am! THAT has definitely been a challenge that I haven't fulfilled yet this week!

So... back to basics I go.

My Weight Watchers points plan restarts today (weigh-in day) and I am determined to track my food and activity the entire week. I don't want to skip tracking a day or a meal just because I don't like the number of points I'm consuming. If I don't like the points I'm consuming maybe I shouldn't be practicing the behavior, right? Duh! It's so basic but so hard for me to adhere to this.

This week I'm going to set myself a mini goal: If I track the whole entire week, exercise 5 of the 7 days AND lose 2 pounds for next week's weigh-in - I will treat myself to 1 new pair of workout pants. So there I have it - a goal for myself! I can do this!

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