Friday, September 7, 2012

New workout classes

This is what happens when you have 3 separate Groupon & Living Social deals for various exercise classes/gyms that all expire within the next 4 weeks:

Yes. I went old school with pen & paper, listing my available dates and then went on the individual websites to lookup the class schedules to see what I could fit in.

Jamie is away, working most of this month and the kids will be with their dad next week so some evening classes next week would fit perfectly in my schedule. I'm going to try a beginners kettlebell class and a beginners yoga class. I've never been much of a group exercise person before but I guess I'm finally growing up and not being as intimidated to try something new by myself.  All this is leading up to a Groupon I recently bought for me & Jamie to try Crossfit. I've read so much about Crossfit that I am excited to give it a whirl after a couple more weeks of consistent exercising on my part.

Here's the gym in my building I go to during my lunch breaks at work.


I love when it's empty like this.  My new time for going has been noon. Only one other guy seems to be in there working out at that time. I used to go at 2:15 to avoid the "lunchtime crowd" but I guess all of those people stopped working out or changed jobs.
Two food items of note today - 1 like and 1 serious dislike:

I heart the vanilla chocolate chunk Chobani yogurt. It is soooo good. I could easily eat that instead of ice cream at night. It tastes that much like a dessert. Unfortunately I have only been able to find it in the little mini 4 pack. I hope to find the regular size soon. My second favorite flavor these days is the pineapple.

Last night was my 2nd attempt at these hot dogs.

The 1st time I brought them home from Trader Joes - Jamie made fun of them because he said they looked yellow. We ended up having to throw them out when we lost the entire contents of our refrigerator and freezer the 1st week of July when we were without power for 3 days due to a storm.
When I did replenish the contents of the refrigerator I made sure to buy them again - much to Jamie's pleasure - NOT. I thought last night would be a good night to break them out since Jamie was away and I needed something fast for dinner for me & the kids. Well these things were just awful to me. I could barely get one bite down.  The texture was terrible. The outside covering was almost crunchy and chewy at the same time and the actual taste wasn't what I was expecting.  Mikaela made it through two bites - what a trooper.  After our reactions Devin wad hesitant to even try his but he took a small bite. So small in fact that he said it wasn't too bad.

So on to Plan B:

I hadn't had a Hot Pocket in years before last night. It wasn't too bad. It had more Weight Watchers points than I had budgeted myself for dinner so I did have to fill up on veggies and split my sweet potato fries with the kids.  I ended up only using 2 of my extra WW points for the week yesterday so that it turned out to be a good WW tracking day. The 5K I ran/walked at lunch really helped.  I earned 5 activity points for completing that.  I was slow though - 40:15 - more walking than I would have liked - but I did it!

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