Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Busy school weeks

With Devin taking swimming lessons and Mikaela playing soccer - it sure does get hectic during the week!
When I went to Devin's swimming lesson I surely was not prepared for how HOT it is in the pool area. They have chairs set up around the pool for the parents to watch and I was sweating to death. Plus I didn't realize I would be walking around a wet pool area in my work heels since I took him to his lesson straight from work. Next time I'll have to plan my outfit a little better.

Mikaela's season is almost over. She only has practice once a week and it's getting darker earlier which makes is colder too!
And then after a full week of activities - we stopped at the town center to grab some pizza to bring home. I had a veggie with a Lime A Rita to round out my Friday evening.
And then looky what was at the door:
It's ChaLean Extreme! I CAN NOT wait to get started!

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