Friday, October 5, 2012

Fwd: Getting Fit Steps

All of the birthday festivities have finally settled down and now it's time to step up my fitness game!
I joined Tina's Best Body Bootcamp. It's an 8 week on-line bootcamp that I cannot WAIT to start!

I also broke down and ordered ChaLean Extreme which I REALLY cannot wait to start. Through all of my instagramming I've seen a lot of women with great results from the Beachbody products. They are all pricey so I need to start it right when I receive it because it has a 30 day money back guarantee.  If only I had done that with P90X...

I have been down to the gym in my building twice this week so far. The 1st time was on Tuesday and I was not impressed. It is TINY - just 2 treadmills, 2 ellipticals & 2 bikes along with some weights.  Each cardio machine has its own tv - but of course the tv wasn't working on the treadmill I got on & someone was already on the other one. So my only option was to listen to my ipod and stare at the reflection of myself since all the cardio machines face a mirrored wall - yuck!

One cool thing though is at the end of the workout the treadmill has a pretty comprehensive summary page which is interesting to see.

The above summary was for an interval run I was trying out. I set my phone timer for intervals of 10 minute runs followed by a 1 minute walk for 3 sets. I made it through the 1st 2 runs by that 3rd one got me and I only lasted about 7 or 8 minutes. I will try it again today though I hope at lunchtime.
THIS is the face of a happy boy!
My son is an avid reader and he has been waiting MONTHS for this book to come out so of course we had to go to Barnes & Noble the 1st day it came out. How can I deny a kid that loves to read??

I finally tried this new to me mahi-mahi burger for dinner that I had bought at BJs months ago and was sitting in the freezer. I didn't want any bread with it since I was already having carb-y peas and sweet potato fries so I just put a little bit of salsa on it for flavor and it was GOOD!
And then this happened! I was craving something sweet and didn't want to open up one of the bags of Halloween candy in the pantry that Jamie had already bought that I have been resisting for weeks so I had one of these - a leftover-from-Easter hollow chocolate bunny. Which may or may not have been followed by a couple of hollow eggs too.

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