Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Long weekend

Yay for long weekends with my sweetie! Hubby and I were both off for Columbus Day so we had a relaxing day together.
Besides the fact that I could barely walk because I had taken the ChaLean Extreme Fit Test and done the workout the day before it was a really fun day!
We ACTUALLY used a Groupon BEFORE it expired. We went to Poncabird Pub in Baltimore for $20 worth of pub food. It was in a kind of sketchy area but we still ventured in. Inside it was pretty empty - maybe because it was late afternoon on a Monday afternoon. The bartenders and cook were super friendly though. I ended up getting and devouring this ginormous burger that was sooooo.... good (and greasy, but good)!! Our final bill was only about 5 bucks plus tip.
And on a final note - I bought a new blinged out cell phone case. Isn't she cute?

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