Monday, October 1, 2012

October ...

Well, none of the Living Social/Groupon fitness classes I wanted to attend ever materialized.  Something always came up - in addition to the fact that I'm so very shy that I didn't really push myself to get out to those new classes. I still do want to at least use the paid value of the coupons. 
So - now we're onto October.  I did awesome the 1st 3 weeks of September.  This last week though....between an office move and my birthday ... let's just say the scale was not my friend this morning.

Thursday through Sunday I stayed at the Capital Hilton in DC for work.

Thursday night while our old office furniture was being broken down & removed, my friend / supervisor & I went across the street to the Hamilton Hotel bar for drinks and appetizers while we waited.

Friday morning I did make it to the gym for a "birthday workout". I did a 35 minute treadmill walk and then a co-worker and I walked 3 miles roundtrip to Georgetown and back to pick up the new parking passes for our new office.

 Afterwards the ladies and I from the office went back to the Hamilton for an outdoor lunch. I indulged myself and had a pretty fattening lunch with 2 glasses of wine.  Then I went back to the hotel for a nap. When I woke up it was time to get ready & hit the bar with Jamie & my best friend & her sister for my birthday celebration.  The evening festivities included fried food,  plenty of drinks & even a couple of shots. Needless to say - it was a REALLY fun night!

Saturday was the actual office move.  The day started with coffee. A Jimmy Johns sandwich was my 1st food/meal in the late afternoon. Upon move completion we went to Black Finn for celebratory drinks. Then I went back to the hotel for dinner & drinks with Jamie.

Sunday & Monday didn't involve any drinks but I was on some sort of binge/eat everything in sight because we're starting a new month and I'll get back on track path of destruction. I've been getting really motivated to have an awesome October by following some motivational moms on instagram. I'm hoping to document my progress by updating the blog more often. I know ... I always say that...

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