Tuesday, November 13, 2012

29 Day (Almost a Month) Recap

Geez... where does the blogging time go? It's been 29 days since my last blog post?!? I feel like I'm always so busy - which isn't at all true - it's just that I have a lot of time suckers in my life that I need to reign in and get myself refocused. Right now I am totally addicted to Instagram. I went through the whole Facebook phase, then there was Pinterest, then reading tons of exercise/healthy living blogs, and now it's all about Instagram. I'm using Instagram for my workout motivation and personal journaling. I love to see how other people - especially busy moms - are balancing it all - workouts, healthy eating, marriages and kids. But at the same time - I want to be able to keep up with my own blog as something for me to look back on and see my own transformation story. I had some issues with posting my last two blog posts where I can't, for the life of me, edit and move the pictures. I signed up and looked at moving over to WordPress but for now I'm going to stick it out and see if I can't fight my way through Blogger!

A couple of weeks ago Hurricane Sandy blew her way through Maryland. We were lucky and only lost power overnight. I had been proaactive and overly cautious and booked a hotel room for me and the kids since Jamie had to work. It was like a mini-vacation for the kids and believe it or not - I did manage to get my 1st hotel workout in!

I've been working out pretty frequently lately between following ChaLean Extreme and Tina Reale's the Best Body Bootcamp workouts. My poor heart rate monitor has been all over the place and flat lining - even after I got the battery changed in the watch and the transitter. Jamie said it was probably from OVERuse! So I finally broke down and ordered a new one. It's the same model (Polar) and style (FT4) as my last one - but in pink!

And lastly - the family - we're all doing good. The kids have finished their 1st quarter of 7th grade and have really good grades - except for math. Math is definitely our challenge this year for both kids. The teachers aren't using math textbooks - everything is either on-line or worksheets, so when the kids have questions I have to google the math problems and try to review where they're at so that I can then explain it to the kids. One night last week my son and I were up til 11:30pm working on his math.
Oh - and THESE went out this morning in the mail! Yep - I'm throwing my hubby a birthday party this year! It's in 3 weeks so it's time to get planning - Pinterest here I come :-)


  1. Great job on a hotel workout and glad you didn't have too much of a problem from the storm.

    Pinterest makes me feel inadequate for party planning. But I do love to browse through the humor boards for a nightly dose of laughter.

    So glad you shared your blog today!

  2. I just haven't gotten into Instagram yet - I know, I'm a blogger without Instagram. The horror!!!!

    I just feel like it's ANOTHER thing to update, and blogging is busy enough, you know? But...maybe once I try it I will be addicted too!!

    Glad your family is OK on the East Coast & glad you're loving bootcamp as much as I am!!