Friday, November 30, 2012

Easing back into it

My work outs have made a reappearance. It's the eating I struggle with.

Breakfast (top left) - turkey bacon, string cheese, chobani greek yogurt
Mid morning snack (top right) - 100 cal pack chocolate almods, kiwi
Lunch (lower left) - Jimmy Johns veggie sub
Pre-dinner snack - 1 serving Popchips
Dinner (lower right) - turkey burger on snadwich thin, sweet potato fries
Wednesday morning I resumed my ChaLean Extreme dvd and moved onto the "Push" rotation. This rotation is where you use heavier weights and lift slower for lower reps. I'm happy with my progress.  I was able to use one of Jamie's 20 lb weights for one of the exercises! I also went to the gym Wednesday during lunch and walked random hills on the treadmill. At one point I was up to 4.5 mph WALKING!! Unfortunately I hadn't packed a lunch to eat at work after my workout so I just had a greek yogurt & a piece of fruit. By the time I got home I was starving and are everything in my line of sight.

I also figured out that those lil bottles of Skinny Margarita aren't such a "skinny deal". The bottle is 200 ml and the nutrition info lists a serving size as 1.5 oz. So after you do the converting and math involved - EACH little bottle of "Skinny" Margarita is about 186 calories.  Yep - I drank 3...

Thursday was a really busy day at work so I ate my lunch at my desk while I worked and it was also a rest day for ChaLean Extreme so I didn't get in any workout at all. My arms definitely felt the previous day's workout though!

I left work a little late which always gets the night off to a late start. So I actually went through McDonald's drive-thru for the kids' dinner. I waited till I got home & threw a turkey burger on the Foreman grill and heated up sweet potato fries for myself. I haven't logged my food yet for yesterday in My Fitness Pal but I'm sure it was over. 1200 calories is an impossible number for me to stick with which is why I have to exercise so much.

Last night I did get a special email offer for Les Mills Body Combat which looks pretty interesting so I might go ahead and buy that to follow up after I finish ChaLean Extreme and then Turbo Fire. I'm still eyeing Insanity though too!

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