Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Running around and around

So much for an evening workout last night. It always happens to me - without fail - when I put off my workouts until the evening on the week's the kids are with me - someting always comes up and I don't get my workout in. I didn't get in a lunchtime workout yesterday either because I basically worked through my lunch trying to catch up with work since I had been off for 5 days over the Thanksgiving holiday. I thought I had this one in the bag though - I had left work at 4:30 since I came in at 8:30 and I knew we were having leftovers for dinner so I was determined to pop in a ChaLean Extreme dvd while the kids ate their dinner and finished their homework. So much for that plan. At 5:30 on my way to pick them up I got a text from Devin asking if we could stop by the library to pick up a book for reading class because he had finished the one he had just started last Friday.

I picked the kids up and we 1st tried the library close to his dad's house where he knew book 2 in his series was. We walked in at 5:55, they close at 6 and would not process a library card at that hour. So then we went to the library by my house. They only had book 3 and not book 2 so they called over to another libray for them to hold it. Mikaela wanted to be dropped off at home so we swung by the house and left her to hang out with Jamie.

Devin and I got to the libray to pick up the book and fill out new library cards for ourselves.

We checked out the book and on the way home I stopped at the gas station. That is where Devin realized he actually had book 3 and the book that was back at the 1st library was book 2. I filled up the gas tank and then we went BACK to the library to return book 3 that we had just checked out and to check out book 2 - but it wasn't there. We searched all over the shelves with the librarian and she couldn't find the issue that was supposed to be on premises so she called the 1st library and asked them to hold it for us. By then it was about 8pm and I was hungry and tired so we finally drove home. Jamie had prepared plates for us and made the kids lunches for the next day - what a sweetie- but Devin still had math homework to finish! I told him that we were no longer going to be looking for reading books on weeknights. The library has a hold process where he can request to hold books on-line so I plan on having him take advantage of that from now on!

The good thing is they also have downloadable books I can look into after I finish the 100 or so e-books I have in my Nook.

After I finally got everybody to bed I camped out in my recliner with my Nook and remote control to catch-up on some blogs and the dvr.

No workout Monday.

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