Thursday, December 6, 2012

Cleaning out the refrigerator - and not in a good way

Today's eats at work:
Breakfast - oatmeal and a pear
Snack - string cheese (wrapper shown) and 100 cal pack almonds
Lunch - Morningstar Farms black bean burger and mixed veggies
Snack - 4 Hersheys Kisses
Last night after work I finally got my nails done - they were way too long!

When I got home it was still pretty early and since Jamie was still at work I put on my workout clothes and did the ChaLean Extreme Push Circuit 3 dvd. I was proud of myself for really pushing myself and even using the 20 lb weights for a couple of exercises. I am definitely getting stronger. The disappointing part is that this dvd stresses lifting heavy and slow with less reps - so I barely burned 100 calories. What's even more disappointing is that after the workout I totally raided the refrigerator and ate practically all of the leftovers that were in there :-(  I think I may not have eaten enough before 8:30pm when I actually ate dinner - and this is what happened. Next time I need to plan a better afternoon/early evening snack when I'm going to work out so late.
Top left - leftover pizza slice
Top right - yay - a veggie!
Bottom right - leftover wings with the squash
Bottom left - leftover lo mein and sweet and sour chicken

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