Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Yesterday morning I was too sleepy to get up early and do my ChaLean Extreme dvd because I had stayed up til midnight the previous night watching the Monday Night Football Game. I really wish those MNF games would start earlier! The Redskins were playing the Giants and it was one of those games that was so close up until the final seconds that I couldn't even go to bed at half-time or the 3rd quarter because it was so good.
Because I woke up so late I didn't pack my breakfast or lunch to bring to work since I was rushing. I ended up ordering breakfast from across the street for the first and last time. It was was awful! I ordered a veggie egg white omelet (for $6)!!! It actually ended up being more potatoes than egg whites. I swear it seemed like there was only actually one egg white in there - and it wasn't even that tasty. I ate a couple of bites of potato because I was still hungry and then remembered I had a Chobani greek yogurt in the work refrigerator so I ate that. What a waste of $6!

Left - the breakfast I ordered
Right - I separated out the potatoes from the egg white omelet
Bottom - Yum - my favorite Chobani!

I walked to Subway at lunchtime. The sub was okay - nothing to write home about. I got was the 6 inch ham (no cheese), piled with veggies and the deli mustard (no mayo). I did break down and have a bag of Sun Chips too because I was starving - it was after 2pm.

Left - Subway lunch
Right - Look at all those veggies!!
Bottom - Afternoon snack (kisses); Early evening snack (Popchips while tackling to-do list); Dinner (marinated tilapia, a little bit of Stove Top Stuffing - hey - it's quick!, and some veggies)

After work Jamie got stuck in awful traffic coming home so I did a little of my to-do list around the house and then got ready to surprise him with a little, quiet, romantic evening when he got home. So - no workout for me for the whole day - unscheduled rest day...

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