Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Different workouts

This month I've started to mix up my workouts a little. I get so easily bored that I don't want to lose focus by just doing the same things over and over with the ChaLean Extreme dvds and the lunchtime C25K runs.

I was introduced to the ZWOW workouts on You Tube by one of my Instagram friends. She had amazing results just from doing these short workouts at home. Now she's incorporating clean eating (which is something I definitely need to look in to) and she looks phenomenal. I've tried ZWOW 1 and 2. ZWOW 1 was tough but doable. ZWOW 2 was just not possible for me. I have to remember that my knees aren't the best so I need to take it easy or modify some of the workouts I try to do. The other You Tube station I'm loving for fitness right now is by Fitness Blender.

They have a TON of workout videos! Their videos aren't anything fancy by any means but I love the fact that they always show a demonstration with proper form before you perform the exercise. So far I've tried 3 of their HIIT workouts which have been quite the calorie burn for me in a short period of time which I love! I don't burn a lot of calories doing the ChaLean Extreme weight lifting dvds so I always feel like I need to burn a few extra calories afterwards in order to eat without going over my calories on My Fitness Pal.

Monday morning when we had the weather delay for work - I pulled out an old Tae Bo dvd. This one was from Billy Blanks "Amped" series from a few years ago which came in a set of about 10 dvds with a 3lb weighted bar.

It felt good to do something different to change up my workout routine. It was actually FUN to do this workout. I'm going to dust off and try to incorporate some of my old dvds into my workouts. I have tons of dvds and some of them are still unopened so it will be fun to explore new-to-me workout routines that I have right here at home. I did go ahead and take all my old Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds dvds off of my dvd rack. Right now I feel that I'm too strong, too advanced for the walk-at-home-type-of-workout she offers. I'm not going to toss them though - who knows - maybe I'll have to go back to them for some reason. They are a great way to get back in to fitness so I'm not hating on them at all. They helped me get into fitness in the first place after I first had the twins and couldn't get to the gym.

Last week I finished reading Bob Harper's The Skinny Rules book.
The Skinny Rules: The Simple, Nonnegotiable Principles for Getting to Thin

It was just ok to me - not too much new or radical information. He had a lot of recipes at the end based on a single serving so I may experiment with some of them when hubby gets deployed.

Now I'm reading Weight Loss Boss by the CEO of Weight Watchers.

Weight Loss Boss: How to finally win at losing--and take charge in an out-of-control food world

 It is an interesting read - hearing from someone who struggled with their weight over a period of time is always interesting to me. I don't have a lot of weight to lose - but I do feel like I've been struggling with these last 10lbs or so of "baby weight" forever - okay... 12 years :-)

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Busy short week

Last week was a short but busy week!

Tuesday morning the kids had their annual pediatrician appointment plus they got their flu shot and their meningitis shot. My son actually got the flu mist because he hates shots so he has gotten the mist the past few years. My daughter was pleased to find out she's 3/4 of an inch taller than her brother.

Wednesday morning my friend was having a procedure done at a hospital in DC and needed someone to drive her home afterwards. She doesn't have any family in the area so I went with her. She did the same for me a couple of years ago when I had a procedure done and wasn't dating anyone. Sometimes it is rough living in a city with no other family members around.

Thursday morning there was a 2 hour school delay due to snow.  Luckily for me it was a light dusting because I can't stand snow. The poor kiddos were disappointed of course because they wanted a FULL snow day!
View from my front porch of the dusting of snow
Friday was the first day of the week that I got to go to work at the normal time.  But then guess what - yep - I got a text message at 11am that school was getting out early due to some impending icy afternoon weather. I left work at 3 to get the kids and on the way home we stopped at the grocery store. Friday we usually order pizza and I was pretty sure no one was going to be out delivering pizza in that weather so we picked up wings, frozen pizza and sushi from Wegmans (so not diet friendly).

Saturday afternoon my daughter had an eye appointment for the Dr to check her new contacts. Thank goodness for my awesome insurance - it covered a year's supply of her new contact lenses!!

Poor son - bored at the eye Dr.
Saturday night we took the kids to Medieval Times.  They were supposed to go for their school field trip on Friday - and they got all the way out there - but then had to turn around because of the early dismissal. I felt bad because they were looking forward to it so much that I bought the four of us tickets. It was expensive but so entertaining. It is a dinner and a live jousting tournament. And because it is "medieval times" you eat dinner with no utensils!Fun times.

Sunday the four of us went bowling for a work charity event I had signed us up for. We all bowled terrible for some reason which was surprising for as often as we bowl at the base. The event included 3 games of bowling each. We definitely need to go bowling again soon to redeem ourselves!

Then Monday rolled around and guess what?

Work was opening under a delay!?! We follow the Federal Government schedule for openings and closings and they were opening at noon due to icy weather AGAIN! I did get in a workout though while I was at home waiting - I pulled out an old school dvd - which I'll cover in my next post!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another week passes

Another blog-less week has passed and here I am playing catch-up again.

This week I tried a new-to-me product that I have been seeing a lot about on Instagram and various blogs - Coconut Oil. It is supposed to be healthier for you. I stir-fried some spinach, mushrooms and red peppers with it. It was yummy. I was the only one home for dinner that night too which was why I experimented with it.

I also tried making a Chicken Parmesan with Panko bread crumbs rather than regular bread crumbs. The recipe turned out just okay - I definitely needed to add more spices to the recipe though.

And then one more food related item - look at all the new Chobanis I found out at the grocery store!!! I couldn't decide which ones to try so I grabbed them all!

I got in a couple of good C25K runs last week during lunch at the gym and then one day I did a new-to-me HIIT workout I found on You Tube by Fitness Blender. It was so awesome and just what I needed to mix up the weekday workouts. I was DEFINITELY feeling sore the next couple of days after that workout!

Saturday night I had two of my besties over for fun and drinks with me and the hubby! We hadn't seen each other since and hung out like that since before the weeding in July!

Sunday hubby and I hit up Greene Turtle for some seriously needed burgers. Then we went home and watched the Ravens win the Divisional Championship Game against the Patriots! Woo-hoo! I can't stand the Patriots, Tom Brady or their coach that wears that same ole yucky looking sweatshirt

Go Ravens! Hubby even ran out after the game and bought us shirts at Dick's Sporting Goods!

Monday we took the kids to the base for some bowling since school and work were out for Martin Luther King Jr. Day and the Inauguration. We didn't fight the cold and the crowds to go to DC to see any of the festivities. Instead we watched from home where I made the kids watch "gadget free" so they could really soak in and absorb what an important event it is to see President Obama being sworn in again. As in yes - he did get re-elected!
Just hanging out at the bowling alley with the kiddos!

Monday, January 14, 2013

How in the world to people find the time to blog so often? I really wanted to be able to blog more often in 2013 because I think it's such a cool way to document events and be able to look at things that have happened and to look back and see my progress - but I just don't know how to fit it in yet.

This past week I did do pretty good at taking pictures to document the meals I brought to work - thinking I would blog about it the following day. But that didn't happen! Instead - here's a look at my weekday eats for most of last week.
Breakfast at my desk every morning. The Styrofoam cup contains a packet of Chocolate Chip Instant Oatmeal. I need to get around to making a big pot of Steel Cut Oats to divide up and bring in each day.

My weekday snack was the same all week - pretty darn boring...

Various lunches - mostly leftovers from the previous night's dinner.
Last week I became a Sweat Pink Ambassador which was super exciting for me. Here's an excerpt from my welcome e-mail "The Sweat Pink Ambassador community is a place for enthusiastic, positive, inspirational women to connect and support each other in reaching their goals around health, fitness, life... and more. It's a place where we come together and celebrate what we have and reach for even more. It's a place where new friendships spark and running buddies find each other; where you'll always find a cheerleader or a word of advice."

I had applied a couple of weeks ago, not really thinking one way or another if I would be accepted in because let's face it - I'm a 40-something year old woman trying to get fit and stay trim. But I was accepted and I'm thrilled. I really feel like now I can be an example to other women similar to me.

The kids and I ended the week with dinner out on Friday night. Hubby had to work so the kiddos and I went to The Greene Turtle. Look at the Root Beer bottle Mikaela was served! She thinks she is too grown! I ordered the shrimp tacos for my dinner and we shared an order of the fried pickles.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend wrap up 1/5-1/6

What a fun weekend!
A picture I took as I was getting in my car Friday night, leaving the metro to go home and start my weekend!!
It didn't start off that way though. Friday night hubby and I stayed in. He really wasn't feeling well, he's been battling a cold since we were in Seattle. So we caught up on the DVR and laid low. By about 9pm I just couldn't get my feet warm although I was wrapped up in a blanket. Turns out - BGE had come out to the house earlier in the say to change our gas meter and hadn't relit the pilot light since they couldn't get inside. Well, our whole 1st floor has gas heat. Luckily the 2nd floor - the bedroom level - is electric because BGE was closed by that time when we tried to call them. It was 64 degrees on the 1st floor when we went to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up before Jamie and was too scared to go downstairs and face the cold so I sat up in bed and cleared out almost all of my Google Reader items.

Almost all clear!!
I even saw a cool project for us to possibly do - a calendar using blackboard paint to hang in the kitchen or laundry area. By the time Jamie woke up and went downstairs it was 61 degrees on the 1st level. He called BGE and they sent someone within 30 minutes! While we waited I finally unpacked the kids' suitcases and straightened out their closets and drawers.

Then we went to the VFW in Grasonville for their HBO (ham, beef, oyster event).

The fried oysters weren't very diet friendly but boy were they delicious! We ended up hanging out there until the evening and then just grabbed a pizza for dinner on our way home.
Check out the Domino's pizza box!
We rented a movie On Demand that hubby has been waiting to see - The Lucky One - and called it a night.

Sunday we were up and at 'em from the start. I got the grocery list together while hubby went to the car wash. We tore through the grocery store and got home just in time for the start of the Ravens game. We ate lunch and then at half-time went up to our local dive bar to watch the rest of the game and then we ended up staying for the Redskins/Seahawks game since the kids' father was going to drop them off late (as usual) so he could watch the end of the game.

My outfit of the day since all 3 of my teams were playing today!
When we got home - I pre-cooked Monday's dinner and made the kids' lunches. After the kiddos showered, the four of us watched our favorite show to watch together - "Chicago Fire".
I didn't turn in too late (10:15 pm because I wanted to watch a few minutes of the Biggest Loser in the dvr). And now here I am on a brand new kid/work-week!

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year!!

Well... I had this nice lil post that I had written through an app called Blogsy on my new lil ipad mini hubby had given me for Christmas. I had posted it and confirmed that it had posted to my blog on January 2nd - and now today when I looked for it on the computer AND on the ipad - I can't find the post :-(

Basically - it was a New Years post about how I was going to get more organized this year, be better with my money by sticking to a budget and grocery shopping through the sale ads and cooking based on what foods we have. Also I plan to continue exercising and food journaling through MyFitness Pal. I'm halfway through ChaLean Extreme and I have Turbo Fire lined up for when I finish. I've also restarted the Couch to 5K running plan. Hubby is restarting his workout plan too and has a goal to run a 10K in June!!

I would like to try to blog more in 2013. Time and events just seem to fly by so quickly and it would be nice to have a place to refer back to see pictures and thoughts about things I'm doing as well as hubby and the kids.

The holidays were nice. Jamie and the kids and I flew out to Seattle. I didn't get any workouts in - BUT I did somehow lose some weight for my first weigh-in of the year!