Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend wrap up 1/5-1/6

What a fun weekend!
A picture I took as I was getting in my car Friday night, leaving the metro to go home and start my weekend!!
It didn't start off that way though. Friday night hubby and I stayed in. He really wasn't feeling well, he's been battling a cold since we were in Seattle. So we caught up on the DVR and laid low. By about 9pm I just couldn't get my feet warm although I was wrapped up in a blanket. Turns out - BGE had come out to the house earlier in the say to change our gas meter and hadn't relit the pilot light since they couldn't get inside. Well, our whole 1st floor has gas heat. Luckily the 2nd floor - the bedroom level - is electric because BGE was closed by that time when we tried to call them. It was 64 degrees on the 1st floor when we went to bed.

Saturday morning I woke up before Jamie and was too scared to go downstairs and face the cold so I sat up in bed and cleared out almost all of my Google Reader items.

Almost all clear!!
I even saw a cool project for us to possibly do - a calendar using blackboard paint to hang in the kitchen or laundry area. By the time Jamie woke up and went downstairs it was 61 degrees on the 1st level. He called BGE and they sent someone within 30 minutes! While we waited I finally unpacked the kids' suitcases and straightened out their closets and drawers.

Then we went to the VFW in Grasonville for their HBO (ham, beef, oyster event).

The fried oysters weren't very diet friendly but boy were they delicious! We ended up hanging out there until the evening and then just grabbed a pizza for dinner on our way home.
Check out the Domino's pizza box!
We rented a movie On Demand that hubby has been waiting to see - The Lucky One - and called it a night.

Sunday we were up and at 'em from the start. I got the grocery list together while hubby went to the car wash. We tore through the grocery store and got home just in time for the start of the Ravens game. We ate lunch and then at half-time went up to our local dive bar to watch the rest of the game and then we ended up staying for the Redskins/Seahawks game since the kids' father was going to drop them off late (as usual) so he could watch the end of the game.

My outfit of the day since all 3 of my teams were playing today!
When we got home - I pre-cooked Monday's dinner and made the kids' lunches. After the kiddos showered, the four of us watched our favorite show to watch together - "Chicago Fire".
I didn't turn in too late (10:15 pm because I wanted to watch a few minutes of the Biggest Loser in the dvr). And now here I am on a brand new kid/work-week!

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