Saturday, February 9, 2013

I am a phony

This morning I logged onto MyFitness Pal as I have done every morning for the past 40 days. How do I know this information? Because MyFitness Pal made a note in my news feed that I've logged on for 40 days. All my MyFitness Pal friends can see this and then they comment or give me a thumbs up for this "accomplishment". 

The thing is - I log onto MyFitness Pal every single morning out of habit, with the intentions of recording my full day's food, exercise and water - but the truth is - I haven't actually completed and submitted a whole day's worth of activity in weeks. I keep my diary open so that others can view it and supposedly keep me honest and accountable. But I've learned that if I don't "submit" my final diary entries at the end of the day - nothing come up in anyone's news feed and then no one has any reason to view my entries for the day.

So although I may be "beating the system" - I am actually just cheating myself.

It is time for me to get real with myself. I have a short-term goal (to fit comfortably in the little black dress I have picked out for hubby's award reception in 3 weeks) and a little-longer term goal (to be fit and happy with my body by the time hubby come back from deployment in 12 weeks). Hubby leaves in less than 3 weeks :-(

This past week I was sick with a cold and didn't workout. The 1st part of the week was totally legit that I didn't workout but towards the end of the week I feel like I could have at least done some light workouts but I didn't. I was lazy and unmotivated.

This morning though I woke up early and re-planned my workout calendar for the rest of February and into March. Tomorrow I will restart ChaLean Extreme with the Lean Phase. Wednesday I will restart the C25K running plan where I left off - at Week 4 Day 2. Today I will restart journaling 100% in MyFitness Pal AND submit it.       

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