Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The good and the bad

Monday morning I got up bright and early and did an old school Tae Bo dvd.

I knew I had to get a workout in 1st thing in the morning because I had to go pick the kids up from their dad's house to bring them to the dentist for their 6 month check-up. I somehow managed to schedule the appointment for the wrong week when I did it 6 months ago.

I assumed I would be late to work so I wouldn't workout during lunch and then I wasn't going to workout after work so hubby and I could hang out together and catch up. So I knew I just had to suck it up and get a workout in 1st thing in the morning - even though the dentist appointment was at 8am!

Hubby and I played tag-team snooze button for quite awhile before I finally got up. I'm glad I did though. It was a great cardio workout! I forgot how good Tae Bo can be for getting my heart pumping. I was trying my hardest to keep up with most of the moves and ended up burning 300 calories in 42 minutes - I'll take it! 

I had packed all my meals and snacks for the work day and I even came home and cooked hubby and I a healthy dinner - baked tilapia in panko bread crumbs and sauteed spinach (cooked in coconut oil). I did have some Stove Top stuffing with it and yes - I did measure it out with a measuring cup.

That night I did snack on these little goodies I still had in the pantry:

And I was even a good girl and measured them out:

Tuesday morning I was so sore from Sunday's and Monday's workouts that I just couldn't get up to do any sort of workouts! I did go through my closet with the extra time that I had and I took more care picking out my clothes for work. I found some sweaters that had dry cleaning tags on them from 2008, 2009 and 2010 which obviously hadn't been worn since then. I tried them on and two of them ended up in the donate pile - either they've shrunk in length or designers are making clothes longer these days. I really do need to go through the rest of my closet and take out the clothes I just don't wear anymore. Sounds like a project to do during hubby's deployment...

After work I went to the grocery store. That's a great day and time to go. It wasn't crowded at all! I tackled our grocery list from Cozi and maybe only picked up a couple of things that weren't on it. I most definitely did not pick up this item I happened upon:

I have no idea what this is and I have no desire to try it. 

After the grocery store I went and picked up the Valentine's gift I'm giving to hubby. We hadn't really talked about whether or not we were exchanging gifts so I just picked up a little something that I'm sure he'll like. By the time I got home though - I was famished. 

I tore through two Nestle chocolate chip peanut butter cookies that were sitting on the kitchen counter in a baggie - left over from the weekend. Next I finished off the last couple of bites of Suddenly Salad my daughter had made over the weekend. Yep - ate it right out of the container - practically standing in the refrigerator. Then I started cooking dinner for Wednesday night (when the kids come over) while watching old episodes of Castle on the dvr. I didn't feel like cooking my scheduled meal of mahi-mahi burger because it was so late by then so I melted some shredded cheese on top of some Tostitos and put salsa and low fat sour cream on top. Way to go on the bad decisions made out of hunger.

I did log everything in MyFitness Pal to my credit. I was over on my calories of course because I hadn't worked out on top of a pig out but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Total day's calories was 1,682.

The saying is so true - Failing to plan is a plan to fail.    

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