Saturday, February 23, 2013

Valentine's Day and then Flu Bug

Last I checked in was Valentine's Day. Hubby's reenlistment was that morning. He's on the right taking his oath. I was at work but he was able to send me this picture. 

One of my co-worker friends had brought each of us ladies half a dozen tulips to work that the receptionist put in vases for us.  Another co-worker had left us all a little Valentine's candy on our desks and another co-worker handed out Valentine's signed by her. I felt a little bad because this is the second time I had received thoughtful items from my co-workers for a holiday and I hadn't done anything for them. The first time was Christmas. I need to get better with the whole co-worker holiday thing.

My boss wanted to have a Valentine's Day office lunch at Founding Farmers in DC. I declined, telling her I was going to go to the gym for lunch. She told me to go ahead and go to the gym early and then still come to lunch since the reservation wasn't until 1:45. I got in a good 25 minute HIIT workout from Fitness Blender and then a 10 minute walk/run on the treadmill.

At the Founding Farmers lunch I tried not to overdo it because I knew I was going to be having a delicious Valentine's Seafood Dinner with my hubby that night. My co-workers ordered a ton of appetizers for the table. I had half a deviled egg and a small piece of bread. For my entree I stuck with the following salad:

Late Harvest – 
Spinach, Belgian Endive, Balsamic Onions, Apples, Egg, Bacon, Blue Cheese, Barrel-Aged Sherry Vinaigrette 

It was good and I was glad I hadn't stuffed myself.  By the time we had finished eating and walked back to work, the special Valentine's Dinner I had ordered through our building's concierge had arrived. It was a Seafood Dinner for 2 through Phillip's Seafood.

 Our evening started with a little wine while we cooked.

Lobster bib anyone?

Check out that Valentine's Dinner spread! Everything was delicious! We couldn't even finish it all. Note to self - we need to get some nice little bowls for our melted butter next time.

 The next morning I woke up and got in a ChaLean Extreme workout - Lean Circuit 2. I knew I needed to get in an early workout because I was taking a half-day off from work so hubby and I could go up to Delaware for our last little weekend get-away before he deploys.

We got up to Delaware pretty early and despite the fact the Hilton messed up our hotel reservation, we had a great first night. We went to Delaware Park Casino.  The Craps tables were super crowded so we stuck to the slots. I ended up for the evening with my winnings - until we wandered back around to the Craps table and squeezed in... Not pretty.

The next morning was when the beginning of my flu started. I woke up with this nasty cough and just didn't feel good. We went to my hubby's brother's new place to check it out and then went to lunch. I didn't have much of an appetite but I did manage to eat some potato skins from Champps. I sure wish I had an appetite though because the burgers looked delicious.

After lunch we tried our luck at Dover Downs casino. Not much luck there. The place was seriously packed too. We didn't stay long. We stopped on the way to the hotel and loaded up on some cold medicine for me before hubby got me back to the hotel for dinner via room service and then some much needed sleep.

Sunday morning I woke up feeling awful. We drove back to Maryland and I climbed immediately into bed. Hubby took care of everything to ensure a smooth drop off since the kids would be back with us at 6pm that evening from their dad's. Hubby and the kids hung out all night and then all day Monday. He even dropped them off at school for the first time on Tuesday morning. I went to the Dr. on Tuesday and found out I did in fact have the flu and couldn't go to work until Thursday. I had to contact the kids' dad and see if he would keep them at his house until Thursday. I really didn't want them to catch the flu and I still hope they don't. Same goes for hubby too since he's deploying in just a matter of days now.

I did go back to work Thursday and pick up the kiddos but I haven't resumed my workouts yet. I still have this little nagging cough. I rescheduled my upcoming workouts to resume this Monday though. I'm off from work on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll be headed up to Delaware again with hubby for his final few days before deployment. He leaves Thursday morning. I've been trying to be strong since this is my second deployment but I lost it a little this morning and cried. This is my last weekend with him until May - my husband, my best friend, my love.       

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