Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend update

I did it. I stayed true to MyFitness Pal and tracked and submitted each day's food and activity for the whole weekend! Saturday was WAY over though - but at least I did it!

Saturday's summary

Hubby was gone Saturday morning. I was supposed to be with him but my friend who was going to watch the kiddos for me was a no call/no show. He was at a pre-deployment seminar for the deploying members and their families. 

I did get some stuff done around the house though. Around 2pm my daughter asked me if she and my son could go to the movies with a couple of their friends from school. Eeeek!! It was their first "movie date" (boys and girls) with no parents in attendance. I am officially getting old!

The kids saw a 4pm show and I picked them up at 6pm. The theater was just far enough away that it didn't make sense for me to drive all the way home while I waited for them so I drove across the street to the shopping center. I grabbed a grande skinny vanilla latte from Starbucks and called hubby to chat for a bit. Then I called and struck out on my attempts to catch up with my mom (she was on her way to a funeral), my sister (she was out with my nephew looking for a laptop for him), my dad (I was trying to find out if we're still going on a cruise at the end of March), and my friend from New Jersey to see if the snow storm Nemo had caused her any problems.

Since no one was available to talk to - I wandered around and did some window shopping. I did outstanding at restraining myself from buying a lot of unnecessary but very cute items! I did walk away with a much needed Victoria's Secrets bag to replace some worn-out undergarments.

After I picked the kids up from the movie, we drove home and met up with hubby. The four of us went to the base for some bowling and pizza.

Sunday was homework/pajamas day for the kiddos. Normally I get sucked into the Sunday pajama day too but not this time. I had caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror flexing my arm muscles for my son while we were joking around and I actually impressed myself with the progress I could see! I got the kids situated with breakfast and starting their homework before I put on my workout clothes. I did my ChaLean Extreme workout. I have now moved onto the Lean Phase (Phase 3) - which for me is using lighter weights but for more repetitions. And then afterwards I did ZWOW #3. 

After homework and workout were complete - the four of us rented "Here Comes the Boom" On Demand. The kids and I had seen it in the theater when hubby was working one day but he hadn't seen it. I have to say - it's just as funny the second time around. Kevin James is a riot!

Afterwards it was time to bring the kids to their dad's house. I came home and made dinner and we watched The Grammys.

I feel like it was a busy and productive weekend. I'm back on track and ready to tackle this week! 

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