Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Snow day

Who wudda thunk it? The weather people actually go it right. They predicted snow and we got it... IN SPRING - ugh! I am so over this cold weather!!

At least I have the day to do some cleaning and getting ready for my mom's arrival. She's flying in from Seattle on Thursday to spend some time with me and the kids during Spring Break. 

I'll just do a little weekend catch-up post before I start my cleaning spree!

Friday I left work early to get my daughter to soccer practice on time. While she was there my son and I ran over to pick up my packet for my 5K race on Saturday morning. Afterwards for dinner we hit up Chipotle. Is the line EVER short there?

Saturday morning I woke up for my 5K and it was only 29 degrees outside! I contemplated with myself actually sucking it up and going but I am just not a cold weather person. I hate the cold and I didn't want my 1st 5K of the season to be a miserable experience so I didn't go. Instead I waited until noon when it warmed up to 40 degrees and ran my own 5K! I downloaded the Nike running app and used that to track my mileage. My run was actually a run/walk but now at least I have a base point for the year to improve on. My goal is to run a whole 5K without any walking.

BEST calorie burn I've had from a single workout!

Saturday afternoon I took the kiddos to the base for some bowling.

Then I dropped them off at their first EVENING birthday party. One of their friends from school was having a birthday party from 6:30-10pm! I spent most of that time getting myself in trouble shopping at Target - husbandless, kidless on a Saturday night - what else is a girl to do?

Sunday afternoon the kids and I went to see a movie before my daughter's first soccer game of the season.

 I made the mistake of taking us to the 3D version. Maybe I'm getting old but it was too much for me - I had to take the glasses off periodically to get my vision focused. The movie was just "okay" in me and my daughter's opinions. My son liked it though - that's totally his type of movie.

 Not sure if you can make out the picture above but I'm doing really good in my March Madness bracket! I totally just guessed the whole thing out in a matter of minutes. Usually I call my dad and get his opinion since he actually follows NCAA basketball but I figured this year I would try on my own since there's usually so many upsets - making the whole thing pretty unpredictable. And boy was I right! It just makes it more exciting when some of the top teams get knocked out early!

And lastly - a view from my front door this morning... snow. Yuck.

As I wrap this up the snow is letting up. I'm going to shower and get dressed and maybe see about making my way into work afterall since it's only 10:15. The Weather Channel says it will start raining this afternoon so maybe it will all melt/wash away before I get home and then I won't have to shovel. A girl can always hope! 


Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another day

Another day, ANOTHER blog post - from me! The amounts of posts I've made this week is almost equal to the amount of blog posts I usually make in a month!

Another rushed morning for the kids and me to get out of the door on time. 

Something disturbing happened this morning while I was trying to get ready. It was disturbing enough that I think I'm done with my current dry cleaner. We use one of those cheap $1.99 places and recently I've had two items ruined by them on separate occasions. I never check my clothes right then and there at pick-up so I usually don't notice any problem with my clothes until months after I've picked them up which then makes it too late to go back and do anything about it. This morning's incident was I found a couple of long hairs on my jacket - and they weren't mine. I had just picked these clothes up on Saturday and taken the plastic off this morning. The jacket also had lit-like fuzzies on it - obviously it hadn't been thoroughly cleaned - blech!

There was some good news though this morning. This morning's weigh-in had me down another pound!! 

I'll take it - a loss is a loss - even if it is slowing down for now.

I did Week 6 Day 2 of the Couch to 5K running plan. The 1st running interval was supposed to be 10 minutes but I didn't hear my timer and I ran 11 minutes. 

That was my last run before my 5K on Saturday which makes me nervous because I haven't even run 3 miles in any of my training runs yet! I looked at the map for Saturday's 5K and it is a little intimidating. 

I think I'm retiring ChaLean Extreme for now. For some reason I just can't bring myself to squeeze it in to my day anymore. I'm not enjoying this final phase - the Lean Phase. Maybe I'm burned out from doing the same warm-up and cool down on every.single.dvd. on this plan. Whatever it is - I'm just not in love with these workouts anymore.

After Saturday's 5K I plan on taking another rest day and then on Monday I'm going to give Turbo Fire a whirl. It is a 90 day program but Les Mills Combat has a 90 day money back guarantee so I want to get at least 30 days of it in to make sure I want to keep it.

The evening was quiet. 

Here's a pic of me and mini-me goofing around while my son was finishing his homework.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Hasn't Sprung

Today is the first day of spring and it's still cold as heck! Happy 1st day of Spring - as I'm still wearing my wool coat, boots and sweater!

Unfortunately I dropped the kids off a few minutes late at school this morning. Mornings are rough for me and the kids to get out of the door on time. We always push our departure time to the latest possible minute that we can get out of the house and still arrive at school on time. Today there was an accident on our way - which we I never factor in to our morning drive to school! I told the kids we have GOT to get out of the house 5 minutes earlier from now on.

I didn't get in a lunchtime workout in today. I ate at my desk and messaged hubby on the ipad and read cleared out some blogs. It appears that a lot of bloggers are moving to Bloglovin to read their blogs since Google Reader is shutting down July 1st. I've heard of that site and Feedly. I already downloaded Feedly to my ipad but it's probably worth it to check out Bloglovin too.

While I was reading through my Blogs - a March Madness Bracket Tournament hosted by Clare at Fitting It All In caught my attention. It's hosted on ESPN's website and it's free! I ONLY watch college basketball during March Madness - AND when I have a bracket. Last year my job didn't have one going on so I didn't watch any of the games. I;m looking forward to watching the games this year.

By the time I got home from work, I REALLY didn't want to workout and I REALLY didn't want to do a ChaLean Extreme dvd for some reason. Maybe I'm burning out on it? I'm not a big fan of this phase that I am on - the Lean Phase. 

I looked through my collection of workout dvds and found an old Tae Bo dvd to do. Billy Blanks isn't the best with his cueing and I got lost 3 separate times when the routines got too fast for me to keep up. It was still a decent workout though - just not one of my favorites of his.

After my workout - the evening was a whirlwind of the kids returning from dinner with their dad, making lunches with the help of my son, cooking tomorrow night's dinner with the help of my daughter, eating my dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. I was finally able to take my shower after the kids went to bed. I shot hubby a good-night email and now I'm just relaxing a few minutes before I turn in. 

My daughter came home with an invitation to a birthday their friend is having Saturday...night. The party is from 6:30pm-10pm!! Since when do kids teenagers 7th graders have parties that late on Saturday nights? It's going to be a struggle for me to stay up that late to pick them up!

I wonder if they'll ever get tired of being addressed as "the twins"

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2nd Day In a Row

What? What? I'm actually blogging two days in a row? Shocking!

This morning I started with a new eye cream. I've been experimenting around each time. Whenever whatever I'm using runs out I usually buy something new. I've been using eye cream since my 20s even though I had no need to back then. I'm told (and I think so too) that I look a lot younger than my actual age. A lot of it probably has to do with good genes (black & Filipino) but the rest is most likely from taking care of my skin. So this is what I'm using currently.

I wasn't able to wake up and get in a morning workout (I've been neglecting ChaLean Extreme) but I did do my Couch to 5K scheduled running plan at lunch - Week 6 Day 1.

I had bought these Brooks running shoes months ago but finally put them to use today for the first time. Now that I'm actually running more consistently during my lunchtime breaks it's probably a good idea to have a good running shoe to do it in. This run wasn't too bad because it was intervals again - two 5 minute and one 8 minute intervals.

Think I like pink much?
 The evening was uneventful. No late night math homework session, dinner was cooked and just needed to be heated up when we got home, the kids helped me make their lunches, I packed mine and then we had a little TV time before they went to bed on time. We watched the end of Sunday's Amazing Race that we had in the dvr and then we watched some of Dancing With the Stars from the dvr also. We only watched about 5 performers. The kids just really wanted to see the Disney TV star. After her performance we tuned in to Splash - a new show where "celebrities" and I use that term loosely - dive in to a pool. NOT that interesting. I'll be surprised if the show stays on very long.

Tomorrow I plan to get a ChaLean Extreme workout in while the kids are with their dad for dinner. I have to figure out how to get my two-a-days in when the kids are with me.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday 3/18

It was FREEZING in the morning - some places west and south of us had snow and school delays! When is this cold air just going to go away - I am tired of it! Hopefully it's gone before my mom comes to visit for the kids' Spring Break at the end of the month!

I had read about Weight Watchers jalapeno flavored string cheese. All I can say is yuck! After having Trader Joe's light string cheese for my morning snack the past couple of weeks - this stuff tasted rubbery. The flavor itself isn't terrible but these cheese sticks definitely need to be melted into something and then eaten.

Post-workout snack

Today I bought another Beachbody dvd program -Les Mills Combat - even before finishing ChaLean Extreme or before starting Turbo Fire. I saw that it was on sale - 50% off so I couldn't resist. I suppose I may have a slight exercise dvd addiction.

I did get to the gym at lunchtime. I just walked on the treadmill. I did rolling hills adjusting my speed between 4.0 mph and 4.3.

After work my daughter and I went by the nail salon. I needed my eyebrows waxed and she wanted her lip waxed. She asked me around the beginning of the school year if she could come with me to get her lip done so I told her sure. She's definitely a brave one though because there is no way I could do my lip - that looks like it hurts like heck! She's keeping it a secret from her twin brother so she just tells him she's going in the room to watch me.

My son had the dreaded math homework tonight. He didn't get to bed until 10:15. His normal bedtime on a school night is 9:30. The math homework is TOUGH in 7th grade! And to make it even worse - the kids don't have math books. Their homework is all on worksheets so when they have questions I have to get on the internet and reteach myself the concept so I can teach him. 

Tonight's lesson was linear graphing using Standard Form and then using Slope Intercept. After dinner I sent him upstairs right away to take his shower and put on his pj's while I googled the lesson. My daughter made her lunch and half of her brother's (she took his juice box and chips out of the pantry lol). By the time my son came back downstairs I was able to explain the lesson to him. While he worked on the 1st page of the worksheet I googled the 2nd page. That's when I realized I gave him the wrong instructions and told him backwards - ARGH!! Anyway - we/he FINALLY got it all finished. 

While he was working on his math homework I was finishing making his lunch, packig up my lunch, cooking dinner for tomorrow and then cleaning the kitchen. After I got him to bed I shot off an email to my hubby and now I'm watching The Biggest Loser finale while I type up this post. I'll most likely watch the end and stay up past my bedtime and not be able to get up to do my ChaLean Extreme dvd in the morning so I REALLY hope the math homework is light tomorrow!! I will do my Couch to 5K run at lunch tomorrow. My 5K is on Saturday!

This week's Drive By Post - March 11-17

Last week was an excellent week for me in terms of getting in my workouts AND eating good-for-me foods and tracking them!

Monday morning it was a little tough to wake-up due to daylight savings time so I didn't get in a morning workout but I did get in a lunchtime and evening workout: 

Tuesday I got in two workouts too! In the morning and then again at lunchtime. I'm really loving the workouts I'm finding on You Tube's Fitness Blender channel. They're mostly HIIT workouts and I burn a lot of calories in such a little amount of time!

Just a little mango mixed in with my cottage cheese for a snack.

It's soccer season again for my daughter. Wednesday was supposed to be practice day, then it got cancelled. I hadn't cooked anything for dinner thinking there would be practice so the kids and I stopped by Wegman's hot bar for dinner. I spotted these "skinny" California Rolls that were only 100 calories for the whole package so I grabbed them. I really didn't like them. They were wrapped in some type of sheer something that really didn't have any flavor but was in crunchy in parts. For me I think it was a texture thing. Next time I'll stick to my brown rice California Rolls. 

I also grabbed a couple of items off of the hot bar. I love how above each item they have the calorie count listed so that helped me stick to the allotted calories I knew I had left for the day in MyFitness Pal. Everything was good except for the rice. It was basmati rice and I've had it before with the same reaction. There is something about the spices in the rice that makes me gag. It hits my stomach the wrong way which is part of my aversion to a lot of Indian food - because of the spices. 

Wednesday also included a lunchtime Couch to 5K run and a morning ChaLean Extreme workout (not pictured)!

Thursday morning's weigh-in showed ANOTHER 2.4 pound weight loss. That makes 4.8 pounds in the 2 weeks hubby has been deployed!

Friday's lunchtime workout was another Couch to 5K run. This one was TOUGH! It was a warm-up walk of 5 minutes followed by 2 8 minute runs with a 5 minute walk in between. I was able to run BOTH 8 minute runs WITHOUT stopping! I was super excited! 

Saturday morning started off with coffee of course. I bought these creamer singles for myself for while hubby is deployed. I only drink coffee at home on the weekends so I don't go through a lot of cream and these little packets don't require refrigeration! The reason I don't drink coffee at home during the week is because my morning commute is about 60 to 90 minutes so I wait until I get to work before having coffee. The only time I have liquids in the morning is the mornings that I workout before work when I drink a bottle of water and even then sometimes it's a challenge to get to work without stopping to go to the bathroom!

I had some food that needed to get used up so I made myself a little breakfast before I headed out to run my errands.

Mid-way through my errands I stopped for "lunch" and had some frozen yogurt with fruit and almonds.

And looky what I found at the store - single serve size Alouette cheese! I am a sucker for anything single serve - it helps me so much more with my portioning. I know it's more expensive but for me - it works and helps to keep my calorie count where I need it. Besides - most of the things that I buy individual serving sizes for are foods that only I eat in my hosehold.

Dinner Saturday night was a flat out wrap with some turkey, alouette cheese, spinach and salsa and a sweet potato with some Smart Balance spread and cinnamon.

Sunday was cleaning day and then I headed off to the gym for the toughest run (to me) of the whole Couch to 5K plan - the dreaded run for 20 minutes straight without walking. And guess what - I did it!! I didn't have to walk once!! I did slow the treadmill down a couple of times and was slow as heck - but I did it and I'm proud of myself. I still can't believe my 1st 5K of the year is on Saturday!!

And on a final note - I've seen these potato chips all over the blogworld recently so when I saw them at the store I grabbed them to give them a try. My daughter likes hot things so I figured I could try them and then she could actually have them with her lunches this week. They're just "okay". My daughter said they were "interesting" and then proceeded to pack honey barbecue chips in her lunch bag. If she hasn't finished this bag by Sunday I'll be bringing them in to work for my co-workers or tossing them if they're stale by then.

Okay - so that wraps up this past week of my life. What a pain! I wish it was easier to get my pictures from my camera to my blog - then I would probably blog more often. There has to be an easy way since so many people do it every day. I guess I could do some research on how others do it. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 7th-10th

After the "snow day" life went on as usual for me and the kids with school and work.

I did finally find PB2 in my local grocery store. It is good!! I mix 1/2 the serving size in with my plain instant oatmeal - yummy! 

Saturday started off with me on hold with Verizon for over an hour trying to get our dvr boxes fixed. I got them fixed but the hold time was unbelievable!

After a late start, the kiddos and I got up and out of the house. First stop - FOOD! We went to Red Robin and I had my cheat meal - cheeseburger and fries! 

Then we did a little shopping for the kiddos. They keep GROWING!!

Sunday was a beautiful day and after all the homework was completed we went and played some mini-golf - WITHOUT our coats!

Dinner was this Trader Joe's Orange Chicken and brown rice with some veggies.

And later we snacked on this!

This was definitely a "drive-by" post but I'm trying to get all caught up. Tomorrow I'll be catching up last week and then I want to try to post more frequently - even if it's a short post.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Catching Up (Again...)

Who knew that when hubby deployed I would actually get WORSE at keeping up with this lil ole blog of mine? I certainly didn't anticipate that happening!

So here is what has been happening...

Here is hubby's bags from last week - all packed up for the 60 days. There is no way I would be able to fit 60 days worth of stuff in there!

I just LOVE the drive-thru Starbucks that opened up in my neighborhood!

We had a nice lunch with hubby's sister before he deployed. 

Handsome hubby - the morning of his deployment. We were heading to the base so we could say our good-byes.

Hubby won Sr NCO (Non-commissoned officer) of the year for his base. The dinner was 2 days after he deployed so I drove up to Delaware and accepted on his behalf.

Hubby's medals. Very proud wife right here!

The kiddos turned 13 on Sunday. Yikes! I'm a mom of TEENAGERS now!  My son wanted an ice-cream cake, my daughter didn't. She's not a big sweets eater so I bought her a slice of cake from the grocery store bakery.
Tuesday 3/5 was my 1st workout since hubby left. It was a 30 minute lunchtime treadmill walk and it was rough! Too bad my darn heart rate monitor wasn't working!
Wednesday 3/6 schools and work were closed due to the BIG snowstorm we were supposed to be getting... this is the most snow we ended up with and this was at 9am! It ended up raining most of the day!
Thursday 3/7 morning marked one week since hubby deployed. With hardly any workouts and not logging my food 100% for the week but trying to make wise food choices - I started off the day with this for my weigh-in! NOW let's see what I can do in Week 2 when I REALLY put forth the effort!

After the morning's motivating weigh-in I got in TWO workouts - a 2 1/2 mile walk/jog on the treadmill during my lunchtime and then a ChaLean Extreme workout at home in the evening while the kiddos were at dinner with their dad. I hate that I burn so few calories with the weight lifting sessions on these dvds!

Of course I have so much more that I could write to really fill-in the details of the past 2 weeks but this will have to do. No sense in trying to play catch-up. I just really need to try to make a better effort to update more frequently. I know I can find the time!