Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2nd Day In a Row

What? What? I'm actually blogging two days in a row? Shocking!

This morning I started with a new eye cream. I've been experimenting around each time. Whenever whatever I'm using runs out I usually buy something new. I've been using eye cream since my 20s even though I had no need to back then. I'm told (and I think so too) that I look a lot younger than my actual age. A lot of it probably has to do with good genes (black & Filipino) but the rest is most likely from taking care of my skin. So this is what I'm using currently.

I wasn't able to wake up and get in a morning workout (I've been neglecting ChaLean Extreme) but I did do my Couch to 5K scheduled running plan at lunch - Week 6 Day 1.

I had bought these Brooks running shoes months ago but finally put them to use today for the first time. Now that I'm actually running more consistently during my lunchtime breaks it's probably a good idea to have a good running shoe to do it in. This run wasn't too bad because it was intervals again - two 5 minute and one 8 minute intervals.

Think I like pink much?
 The evening was uneventful. No late night math homework session, dinner was cooked and just needed to be heated up when we got home, the kids helped me make their lunches, I packed mine and then we had a little TV time before they went to bed on time. We watched the end of Sunday's Amazing Race that we had in the dvr and then we watched some of Dancing With the Stars from the dvr also. We only watched about 5 performers. The kids just really wanted to see the Disney TV star. After her performance we tuned in to Splash - a new show where "celebrities" and I use that term loosely - dive in to a pool. NOT that interesting. I'll be surprised if the show stays on very long.

Tomorrow I plan to get a ChaLean Extreme workout in while the kids are with their dad for dinner. I have to figure out how to get my two-a-days in when the kids are with me.

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