Thursday, March 21, 2013

Another day

Another day, ANOTHER blog post - from me! The amounts of posts I've made this week is almost equal to the amount of blog posts I usually make in a month!

Another rushed morning for the kids and me to get out of the door on time. 

Something disturbing happened this morning while I was trying to get ready. It was disturbing enough that I think I'm done with my current dry cleaner. We use one of those cheap $1.99 places and recently I've had two items ruined by them on separate occasions. I never check my clothes right then and there at pick-up so I usually don't notice any problem with my clothes until months after I've picked them up which then makes it too late to go back and do anything about it. This morning's incident was I found a couple of long hairs on my jacket - and they weren't mine. I had just picked these clothes up on Saturday and taken the plastic off this morning. The jacket also had lit-like fuzzies on it - obviously it hadn't been thoroughly cleaned - blech!

There was some good news though this morning. This morning's weigh-in had me down another pound!! 

I'll take it - a loss is a loss - even if it is slowing down for now.

I did Week 6 Day 2 of the Couch to 5K running plan. The 1st running interval was supposed to be 10 minutes but I didn't hear my timer and I ran 11 minutes. 

That was my last run before my 5K on Saturday which makes me nervous because I haven't even run 3 miles in any of my training runs yet! I looked at the map for Saturday's 5K and it is a little intimidating. 

I think I'm retiring ChaLean Extreme for now. For some reason I just can't bring myself to squeeze it in to my day anymore. I'm not enjoying this final phase - the Lean Phase. Maybe I'm burned out from doing the same warm-up and cool down on every.single.dvd. on this plan. Whatever it is - I'm just not in love with these workouts anymore.

After Saturday's 5K I plan on taking another rest day and then on Monday I'm going to give Turbo Fire a whirl. It is a 90 day program but Les Mills Combat has a 90 day money back guarantee so I want to get at least 30 days of it in to make sure I want to keep it.

The evening was quiet. 

Here's a pic of me and mini-me goofing around while my son was finishing his homework.

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