Friday, March 8, 2013

Catching Up (Again...)

Who knew that when hubby deployed I would actually get WORSE at keeping up with this lil ole blog of mine? I certainly didn't anticipate that happening!

So here is what has been happening...

Here is hubby's bags from last week - all packed up for the 60 days. There is no way I would be able to fit 60 days worth of stuff in there!

I just LOVE the drive-thru Starbucks that opened up in my neighborhood!

We had a nice lunch with hubby's sister before he deployed. 

Handsome hubby - the morning of his deployment. We were heading to the base so we could say our good-byes.

Hubby won Sr NCO (Non-commissoned officer) of the year for his base. The dinner was 2 days after he deployed so I drove up to Delaware and accepted on his behalf.

Hubby's medals. Very proud wife right here!

The kiddos turned 13 on Sunday. Yikes! I'm a mom of TEENAGERS now!  My son wanted an ice-cream cake, my daughter didn't. She's not a big sweets eater so I bought her a slice of cake from the grocery store bakery.
Tuesday 3/5 was my 1st workout since hubby left. It was a 30 minute lunchtime treadmill walk and it was rough! Too bad my darn heart rate monitor wasn't working!
Wednesday 3/6 schools and work were closed due to the BIG snowstorm we were supposed to be getting... this is the most snow we ended up with and this was at 9am! It ended up raining most of the day!
Thursday 3/7 morning marked one week since hubby deployed. With hardly any workouts and not logging my food 100% for the week but trying to make wise food choices - I started off the day with this for my weigh-in! NOW let's see what I can do in Week 2 when I REALLY put forth the effort!

After the morning's motivating weigh-in I got in TWO workouts - a 2 1/2 mile walk/jog on the treadmill during my lunchtime and then a ChaLean Extreme workout at home in the evening while the kiddos were at dinner with their dad. I hate that I burn so few calories with the weight lifting sessions on these dvds!

Of course I have so much more that I could write to really fill-in the details of the past 2 weeks but this will have to do. No sense in trying to play catch-up. I just really need to try to make a better effort to update more frequently. I know I can find the time!

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