Sunday, March 17, 2013

March 7th-10th

After the "snow day" life went on as usual for me and the kids with school and work.

I did finally find PB2 in my local grocery store. It is good!! I mix 1/2 the serving size in with my plain instant oatmeal - yummy! 

Saturday started off with me on hold with Verizon for over an hour trying to get our dvr boxes fixed. I got them fixed but the hold time was unbelievable!

After a late start, the kiddos and I got up and out of the house. First stop - FOOD! We went to Red Robin and I had my cheat meal - cheeseburger and fries! 

Then we did a little shopping for the kiddos. They keep GROWING!!

Sunday was a beautiful day and after all the homework was completed we went and played some mini-golf - WITHOUT our coats!

Dinner was this Trader Joe's Orange Chicken and brown rice with some veggies.

And later we snacked on this!

This was definitely a "drive-by" post but I'm trying to get all caught up. Tomorrow I'll be catching up last week and then I want to try to post more frequently - even if it's a short post.

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