Monday, March 18, 2013

Monday 3/18

It was FREEZING in the morning - some places west and south of us had snow and school delays! When is this cold air just going to go away - I am tired of it! Hopefully it's gone before my mom comes to visit for the kids' Spring Break at the end of the month!

I had read about Weight Watchers jalapeno flavored string cheese. All I can say is yuck! After having Trader Joe's light string cheese for my morning snack the past couple of weeks - this stuff tasted rubbery. The flavor itself isn't terrible but these cheese sticks definitely need to be melted into something and then eaten.

Post-workout snack

Today I bought another Beachbody dvd program -Les Mills Combat - even before finishing ChaLean Extreme or before starting Turbo Fire. I saw that it was on sale - 50% off so I couldn't resist. I suppose I may have a slight exercise dvd addiction.

I did get to the gym at lunchtime. I just walked on the treadmill. I did rolling hills adjusting my speed between 4.0 mph and 4.3.

After work my daughter and I went by the nail salon. I needed my eyebrows waxed and she wanted her lip waxed. She asked me around the beginning of the school year if she could come with me to get her lip done so I told her sure. She's definitely a brave one though because there is no way I could do my lip - that looks like it hurts like heck! She's keeping it a secret from her twin brother so she just tells him she's going in the room to watch me.

My son had the dreaded math homework tonight. He didn't get to bed until 10:15. His normal bedtime on a school night is 9:30. The math homework is TOUGH in 7th grade! And to make it even worse - the kids don't have math books. Their homework is all on worksheets so when they have questions I have to get on the internet and reteach myself the concept so I can teach him. 

Tonight's lesson was linear graphing using Standard Form and then using Slope Intercept. After dinner I sent him upstairs right away to take his shower and put on his pj's while I googled the lesson. My daughter made her lunch and half of her brother's (she took his juice box and chips out of the pantry lol). By the time my son came back downstairs I was able to explain the lesson to him. While he worked on the 1st page of the worksheet I googled the 2nd page. That's when I realized I gave him the wrong instructions and told him backwards - ARGH!! Anyway - we/he FINALLY got it all finished. 

While he was working on his math homework I was finishing making his lunch, packig up my lunch, cooking dinner for tomorrow and then cleaning the kitchen. After I got him to bed I shot off an email to my hubby and now I'm watching The Biggest Loser finale while I type up this post. I'll most likely watch the end and stay up past my bedtime and not be able to get up to do my ChaLean Extreme dvd in the morning so I REALLY hope the math homework is light tomorrow!! I will do my Couch to 5K run at lunch tomorrow. My 5K is on Saturday!

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