Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Hasn't Sprung

Today is the first day of spring and it's still cold as heck! Happy 1st day of Spring - as I'm still wearing my wool coat, boots and sweater!

Unfortunately I dropped the kids off a few minutes late at school this morning. Mornings are rough for me and the kids to get out of the door on time. We always push our departure time to the latest possible minute that we can get out of the house and still arrive at school on time. Today there was an accident on our way - which we I never factor in to our morning drive to school! I told the kids we have GOT to get out of the house 5 minutes earlier from now on.

I didn't get in a lunchtime workout in today. I ate at my desk and messaged hubby on the ipad and read cleared out some blogs. It appears that a lot of bloggers are moving to Bloglovin to read their blogs since Google Reader is shutting down July 1st. I've heard of that site and Feedly. I already downloaded Feedly to my ipad but it's probably worth it to check out Bloglovin too.

While I was reading through my Blogs - a March Madness Bracket Tournament hosted by Clare at Fitting It All In caught my attention. It's hosted on ESPN's website and it's free! I ONLY watch college basketball during March Madness - AND when I have a bracket. Last year my job didn't have one going on so I didn't watch any of the games. I;m looking forward to watching the games this year.

By the time I got home from work, I REALLY didn't want to workout and I REALLY didn't want to do a ChaLean Extreme dvd for some reason. Maybe I'm burning out on it? I'm not a big fan of this phase that I am on - the Lean Phase. 

I looked through my collection of workout dvds and found an old Tae Bo dvd to do. Billy Blanks isn't the best with his cueing and I got lost 3 separate times when the routines got too fast for me to keep up. It was still a decent workout though - just not one of my favorites of his.

After my workout - the evening was a whirlwind of the kids returning from dinner with their dad, making lunches with the help of my son, cooking tomorrow night's dinner with the help of my daughter, eating my dinner and cleaning up the kitchen. I was finally able to take my shower after the kids went to bed. I shot hubby a good-night email and now I'm just relaxing a few minutes before I turn in. 

My daughter came home with an invitation to a birthday their friend is having Saturday...night. The party is from 6:30pm-10pm!! Since when do kids teenagers 7th graders have parties that late on Saturday nights? It's going to be a struggle for me to stay up that late to pick them up!

I wonder if they'll ever get tired of being addressed as "the twins"

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