Monday, March 25, 2013

Spring Snow day

Who wudda thunk it? The weather people actually go it right. They predicted snow and we got it... IN SPRING - ugh! I am so over this cold weather!!

At least I have the day to do some cleaning and getting ready for my mom's arrival. She's flying in from Seattle on Thursday to spend some time with me and the kids during Spring Break. 

I'll just do a little weekend catch-up post before I start my cleaning spree!

Friday I left work early to get my daughter to soccer practice on time. While she was there my son and I ran over to pick up my packet for my 5K race on Saturday morning. Afterwards for dinner we hit up Chipotle. Is the line EVER short there?

Saturday morning I woke up for my 5K and it was only 29 degrees outside! I contemplated with myself actually sucking it up and going but I am just not a cold weather person. I hate the cold and I didn't want my 1st 5K of the season to be a miserable experience so I didn't go. Instead I waited until noon when it warmed up to 40 degrees and ran my own 5K! I downloaded the Nike running app and used that to track my mileage. My run was actually a run/walk but now at least I have a base point for the year to improve on. My goal is to run a whole 5K without any walking.

BEST calorie burn I've had from a single workout!

Saturday afternoon I took the kiddos to the base for some bowling.

Then I dropped them off at their first EVENING birthday party. One of their friends from school was having a birthday party from 6:30-10pm! I spent most of that time getting myself in trouble shopping at Target - husbandless, kidless on a Saturday night - what else is a girl to do?

Sunday afternoon the kids and I went to see a movie before my daughter's first soccer game of the season.

 I made the mistake of taking us to the 3D version. Maybe I'm getting old but it was too much for me - I had to take the glasses off periodically to get my vision focused. The movie was just "okay" in me and my daughter's opinions. My son liked it though - that's totally his type of movie.

 Not sure if you can make out the picture above but I'm doing really good in my March Madness bracket! I totally just guessed the whole thing out in a matter of minutes. Usually I call my dad and get his opinion since he actually follows NCAA basketball but I figured this year I would try on my own since there's usually so many upsets - making the whole thing pretty unpredictable. And boy was I right! It just makes it more exciting when some of the top teams get knocked out early!

And lastly - a view from my front door this morning... snow. Yuck.

As I wrap this up the snow is letting up. I'm going to shower and get dressed and maybe see about making my way into work afterall since it's only 10:15. The Weather Channel says it will start raining this afternoon so maybe it will all melt/wash away before I get home and then I won't have to shovel. A girl can always hope! 


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