Monday, March 18, 2013

This week's Drive By Post - March 11-17

Last week was an excellent week for me in terms of getting in my workouts AND eating good-for-me foods and tracking them!

Monday morning it was a little tough to wake-up due to daylight savings time so I didn't get in a morning workout but I did get in a lunchtime and evening workout: 

Tuesday I got in two workouts too! In the morning and then again at lunchtime. I'm really loving the workouts I'm finding on You Tube's Fitness Blender channel. They're mostly HIIT workouts and I burn a lot of calories in such a little amount of time!

Just a little mango mixed in with my cottage cheese for a snack.

It's soccer season again for my daughter. Wednesday was supposed to be practice day, then it got cancelled. I hadn't cooked anything for dinner thinking there would be practice so the kids and I stopped by Wegman's hot bar for dinner. I spotted these "skinny" California Rolls that were only 100 calories for the whole package so I grabbed them. I really didn't like them. They were wrapped in some type of sheer something that really didn't have any flavor but was in crunchy in parts. For me I think it was a texture thing. Next time I'll stick to my brown rice California Rolls. 

I also grabbed a couple of items off of the hot bar. I love how above each item they have the calorie count listed so that helped me stick to the allotted calories I knew I had left for the day in MyFitness Pal. Everything was good except for the rice. It was basmati rice and I've had it before with the same reaction. There is something about the spices in the rice that makes me gag. It hits my stomach the wrong way which is part of my aversion to a lot of Indian food - because of the spices. 

Wednesday also included a lunchtime Couch to 5K run and a morning ChaLean Extreme workout (not pictured)!

Thursday morning's weigh-in showed ANOTHER 2.4 pound weight loss. That makes 4.8 pounds in the 2 weeks hubby has been deployed!

Friday's lunchtime workout was another Couch to 5K run. This one was TOUGH! It was a warm-up walk of 5 minutes followed by 2 8 minute runs with a 5 minute walk in between. I was able to run BOTH 8 minute runs WITHOUT stopping! I was super excited! 

Saturday morning started off with coffee of course. I bought these creamer singles for myself for while hubby is deployed. I only drink coffee at home on the weekends so I don't go through a lot of cream and these little packets don't require refrigeration! The reason I don't drink coffee at home during the week is because my morning commute is about 60 to 90 minutes so I wait until I get to work before having coffee. The only time I have liquids in the morning is the mornings that I workout before work when I drink a bottle of water and even then sometimes it's a challenge to get to work without stopping to go to the bathroom!

I had some food that needed to get used up so I made myself a little breakfast before I headed out to run my errands.

Mid-way through my errands I stopped for "lunch" and had some frozen yogurt with fruit and almonds.

And looky what I found at the store - single serve size Alouette cheese! I am a sucker for anything single serve - it helps me so much more with my portioning. I know it's more expensive but for me - it works and helps to keep my calorie count where I need it. Besides - most of the things that I buy individual serving sizes for are foods that only I eat in my hosehold.

Dinner Saturday night was a flat out wrap with some turkey, alouette cheese, spinach and salsa and a sweet potato with some Smart Balance spread and cinnamon.

Sunday was cleaning day and then I headed off to the gym for the toughest run (to me) of the whole Couch to 5K plan - the dreaded run for 20 minutes straight without walking. And guess what - I did it!! I didn't have to walk once!! I did slow the treadmill down a couple of times and was slow as heck - but I did it and I'm proud of myself. I still can't believe my 1st 5K of the year is on Saturday!!

And on a final note - I've seen these potato chips all over the blogworld recently so when I saw them at the store I grabbed them to give them a try. My daughter likes hot things so I figured I could try them and then she could actually have them with her lunches this week. They're just "okay". My daughter said they were "interesting" and then proceeded to pack honey barbecue chips in her lunch bag. If she hasn't finished this bag by Sunday I'll be bringing them in to work for my co-workers or tossing them if they're stale by then.

Okay - so that wraps up this past week of my life. What a pain! I wish it was easier to get my pictures from my camera to my blog - then I would probably blog more often. There has to be an easy way since so many people do it every day. I guess I could do some research on how others do it. 

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